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The paper "Benefit of Employing an Independent Project Manager " is a great example of management coursework. Project management is both art and science. It is a complex task which requires balance in terms of resources. While not handled carefully, projects can backfire or fail to meet their objectives. The key factors, which determine the project's success include; the experience and skills of project managers, time management, human resource management and financial management. From simple projects to major and complex ones, key principles must be followed. According to Gallup (2012), large projects, especially those in the IT sectors, have a poor record.

Managing projects is a stressful affair and project managers should be fully prepared psychologically. In the UK, IT projects have become a common trend due to the need for organizations to automate their processes. Common projects are the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Due to the complexity of such projects from the initiation stage to change over, there is a need to engage experienced professional project managers/ consultants to handle the projects. The basis of this report is to provide our clients with valid reasons why there is a need to engage an independent contractor to carry out project assignments. Benefits of hiring independent contractors According to Fishman (2011), working with a consultant can save a bundle.

An independent contractor is a professional who is engaged by a firm for a particular period during the lifetime of a project. This is a person who has in-depth knowledge of the industry for projects he is engaged in.   Independent consultants come along with specialized knowledge. This is because independent consultants remain consistent in their professional life managing projects. When independent consultants are hired, a company saves a considerable amount of money, which regular employees could have incurred.

These include social security, medical insurance and employee compensation. This is a flexible scheme since IC’ s are only engaged during the lifetime of a project. In the case of full-time employees, this could be an expensive venture due to terminal dues and legal implications which might arise. Independent contractors are not partial to any decisions affecting the organization. They are independent-minded in all general aspects of project management and are not easily swayed by decisions of policymakers in the organization since they are evaluated through agreed targets. Disadvantages of hiring independent consultants Hiring IC’ s is at times tricky due to lack of continuity and control over the Consultants.

This is only pegged on written agreements. If these agreements are flawed, the client ends up with un-fulfilled projects. Independent consultants may also have exclusive rights to copyrighted materials which deny client permission to make any adjustments in future. This is common in software projects where code details are retained by the developers. Procurement of Independent Consultants Project procurement management is a critical factor in the success of a project.

Procurement entails identification of the resources required in any given project and their acquisition. IT projects in the UK are very critical in all economic sectors. Due diligence should be taken when procuring services of independent consultants. Procurement should be done in accordance with the law at all times.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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