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Response Thank you for your thought provoking response. Firstly, the idea of making an app without which “persons can’t live” appears to be an over-estimation of the capabilities of an app-developer or an app itself. Despite the fact that apps may be extremely useful in assisting our daily life activities; the notion of making human life ‘dependent’ upon such apps may have deleterious effects since; Such apps may not be relied upon in cases where the user is suffering from a life threatening disease/condition and which requires medical advice prior to any change in medication regimens (which of course no app can provide) In cases where technical glitches render the app mal-functioned, the consequences may be fatal; hence total dependence may not be suggested under any circumstances In cases where a device (cell phone etc) is lost/stolen, the app user will become extremely vulnerable due to lack of guidance thereupon and also if personal data (about disease etc) falls in wrong hands.

Regarding Jones’s assertion that “app should enable patients to stay active yet responsible and help physicians provide care more efficiently”, it can be said that apparently this is a convincing argument; however, it is again clear that such apps demand more from the users and also depend upon a clinician’s input to be of any benefit for the user.

So, it appears that such apps can merely function as tool for data collection or record keeping, and nothing more than that. If “keeping active yet responsible” is the responsibility of the app; how can this be ensured? I am convinced that the proposed research will deliver optimum results when quantitative and qualitative methods are intermingled to get perfection in results.

In addition to the ‘number of downloads’, the research process should also take into account the ‘number of active users’ of the app; this is likely to improve the findings. The notion of seeking to understand the relationship between smart-phone app success and sales seems a promising aspect. References Jones, J. (2011) ‘An app a day keeps the doctor away’, Response, 19 (9), pp. 28-33, Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost (Accessed: 24 June 2014). Response 2 Thank you for your response. The fact that pharmaceutical companies are under extreme pressure to lower their prices while maintaining quality calls for immediate and major changes in the working pattern of these companies.

There is no doubt that innovation coupled with strategic partnerships with other leading pharmaceutical manufacturers can possibly serve the purpose. However, keeping in view the prevailing business practices of leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, it can be said that whenever such giants gather together, the end result is even more inflation for the general public. This is my personal opinion, with which you may agree or disagree.

Having said that, the notion of tapping into the potential of using smart-phone apps to achieve the ultimate aim of retaining profitability, is as yet filled with uncertainty. The figures of smart-phone users in Jamaica may provide the guidance regarding the possible exposure that Pfizer may get, if this strategy is adopted. The more the users, the better is the prospect of success and vice versa.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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