Essays on Business Developing an Online Presence Assignment

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The paper "Business Developing an Online Presence" is an outstanding example of an assignment on business. With the increase of devices such as smartphones and tablets, people are inevitably going to feel more comfortable participating in auctions or give to charity through using these devices. Of course, there will still be a certain percentage of people who prefer to buy goods or donate in person, but these types of people are becoming rarer. By allowing online interaction, the chances of making a sale or receiving funds increase significantly because a wider group of the population can be reached.

The onus is on business owners and marketers to take advantage of this new form of spending and donating by developing an online presence. When it comes to Internet shopping, convenience is number one. Online vendors want to make it as easy as possible for you to part with your money, so they will offer incentives to try and get you to do so. By selling the merchandise to a consumer by not releasing the title until the outstanding balance is paid off, the power of the contract remains with the vendor.

This is clever on the part of Internet marketers because they receive money from customers who do not actually own the product. From the customer’ s point of view, it allows virtually anyone to be able to make a purchase online because funds upfront is not required. The rise of the Internet in the 1990s resulted in a trade boom due to the ease at which to conduct international business. Where once it took quite some time to build up a list of suppliers, the Internet provides a platform that matches buyers and suppliers alike.

The one downside to this is that there is little regulation and contracts can be difficult to enforce. I have never had the experience of a manufacturer not making good on a product warranty. I did, however, have a good experience with a warranty when my new Xbox 360 was constantly overheating. As it was virtually brand new, I was able to get it covered under the terms of the warranty. As far as I can remember it was an express warranty because a small leaflet was included in the box when I bought it. While the company was only fulfilling its warranty agreement when sending you out the first wheel, it did not necessarily have to send out another one.

That the company would do this shows that it has a strong customer focus and would stop at nothing to make its valued customers feel happy. Electronic manufacturers tend to be pretty happy to replace whole products or defective parts if they aren’ t working. The reason perhaps for this is because electronic goods have to be continually replaced to keep up with the change in technology.

These companies realize that by keeping you happen, you are more likely to buy the updated version of that product when it is released. While these companies may appear to be nice, they are doing so for their own future benefit.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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