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The paper "Commercial Application of Trend" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. This report evaluates online marketing as a form of commercial trend and its applications. It details the ten aspects of online internet marketing with well-illustrated imagery. It further exhausts on the benefits and drawbacks of online marketing to any corporate company. Finally, a review of five global companies is documented in the various ways they have integrated online marketing into their business. Finally, a sharp, fine conclusion is drawn to summarize what has been outlined. Body Internet marketing is the ideal marketing trend that is driving the sales of major companies in the world.

Inbound marketing trend has ten key aspects that enable it to work in not just any commercial company but a leading company. Inbound marketing is a hotcake technique in 2013. It dominates most of the marketers-conversation; this is based on an annual report released by HubSpot. With an over 3300 respondent base in 128 countries, the report focused on how the marketers’ organization is integrating the current marketing trend, practices, tactics, and the drives behind the results. The first fact about inbound marketing is that it is the new practice/norm.

Dispel the myth that inbound marketing practice is just but, another fleeting trend. In fact, the majority of the world’ s marketers are employing inbound marketing principles. Research by HubSpot shows that inbound adoption reaches the majority of the marketers however, educational opportunities remain intact. Almost 60% of marketers have already adopted the inbound strategies, however, 19% are not sure how to categorize their efforts. Figure 1: Inbound Marketing Post analysis on the company’ s likely to employ social media, email, and blogs in their marketing strategies showed that the world crè me Del crè me professionals, marketing agencies and groups, were likely to adopt inbound principle at 73% (Nesterenko, 2013). The second aspect is that corporate integration has to be revolutionized to achieve optimum limits.

It is very crucial for all the CEOs and company stakeholders to realign the marketing stare ices online with the company goals. Lack of efficient communication between sales and marketing makes marketers unable to generate sufficient volumes of the right leads. It’ s a great disappointment that only 34% of companies believe out rightly that their strategies ate completely integrated into their overall goals.

The HubSpot annual report shows that approximately 81% of the strategy is integrated into the broader organizational goals in most companies. Figure 2: Integrating Inbound with Inbound Corporate Strategy Nesterenko (2013) defines the third inbound marketing strategy as the quality content should take back seat in internet marketing. Two-thirds of all marketers believe that lead generation, reaching the right audience and conversion is of more importance than generating quality content.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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