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The paper "Masters Home Improvements Brand" is a perfect example of a marketing research proposal.   This research brief is meant to provide necessary information for commissioning market research to gain an understanding of how well the Masters Home Improvements brand is performing in terms of mental and physical availability as well as customer satisfaction. The market research will focus on both our physical and online shopping offering. Research Objectives To find out how the Masters Home Improvement brand is doing in terms of mental availability. The important question to ask is whether our customers think about our brand and if they can be able to access it when they are thinking of it (Zikmund 2010).

We also want to find out whether general consumers (prospective customers) know about or have memories of Masters’ products. We want to know the probability of people to notice, recognize and think about our brand. Have they seen our adverts? What do they think about them? We want to know if our advertising reflects the memory structures that are already existing in customers’ minds. How distinctive are we?

Do we get easily noticed? Do we reach potential buyers in a continual manner? How well do we refresh brand memories in the mind of the customers? How consistent are we? Here we want to find out if our items are constantly used, consistent and easy to remember. To establish what consumers think about Masters’ physical availability. How easy is it to access our products? This is both when buying in our physical stores as well as buying online. We want to know how well can we get our products in front of our customers when they need them.

How is our supply chain – do we supply all packs and sizes that are desired by the customer? Are our stocks at high levels? Is our brand easy to buy? We also want to know, how far or near our stores are from customers’ locations. In addition, we want to know how easy it is buying our products online. To establish customer satisfaction levels for Masters’ customers. Finding out how satisfied our customers are will act as a point in whether other customers will be satisfied when they buy from Masters.

Here we want to know what customers think of our customer care and after-sale services. Do our customer care representatives serve the customers in a satisfactory way? We want to understand if our customers optimize or satisfy their needs. To find out how Masters Brand is doing compared to the competition. We understand that this market has been dominated by Bunnings Warehouse but as Weilbacher (2011) says, brands do not compete in through product offering or even differentiation, but they grow through physical and mental availability as well as customer satisfaction.

We want to know how universal our appeal is. We also want to know how far and how well we have penetrated in this industry. Do our products and services cover all home improvement areas? Generally, we want to know what puts us above the rest.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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