Essays on Decision Making, Human Resource Management and Motivation aa Crucial Functions of Management Literature review

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The paper “ Decision Making, Human Resource Management and Motivation aa Crucial Functions of Management” is a convincing variant of the literature review on human resources. According to an article by Pannett & Koons of Dow Jones Business News (2012), Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) has released a report announcing the company has made a net profit of 7.09 billion Australian dollars (US$7.4 billion) in fiscal 2012, this is an 11% increase from the previous year. However, despite this remarkable achievement, the bank is facing a lot of challenges ranging from cut-throat competition from other banks, uncertainty in the domestic and global economies, and new international stringent requirements dubbed Basel III.

In addition, the bank has also registered a decline in return on equity which analysts say could hurt their share price on the stock exchange. However, CBA’ S economic analyst forecasts a 5% to 7% growth on overall credit in fiscal year 2013. Based on this year’ s good earnings, the management has announced a dividend of A$1.97 per share. Moreover, an article by Tan (2012) of Dow Jones Global Equities News highlights the cut-throat competition in the corporate childcare market.

The fierce competition in this market, has been brought about by the high demand for such services by Australian companies. Tan (2012) observes that Guardian Childcare Alliance has taken the war to another level by announcing its acquisition of Jigsaw Corporate Childcare in a bid to dominate the market. Wolseley, the owners of Guardian have shown a remarkable growth with the revenue of the group expected to exceed the A$100 million in fiscal year 2013 (Tan 2012). This essay seeks to analyze the important role played by three aspects of management, namely; decision making, human resource management, and motivation as depicted by articles described above.

The relevance and critical role of decision making with regard to CBA’ s profitability and looming challenges is discussed. This essay also explores the critical role played by human resource management in spearheading the acquisition of Jigsaw Childcare by Guardian Childcare Alliance and how motivation will be crucial in boosting the morale of the new workforce.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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