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IntroductionThe chief objective of this paper is to understand and to bring out the characteristic applications that are necessary for community safety in the scenes of fire. The purpose is to make a simple fire investigation in order to make a precise understanding over the situations when the fire occurs as a kind of accident. As a matter of fact there are two different stages that are usually applied in the field of investigation over the fire affected cases. The foremost step in about making a peculiar examination the entire fire scene.

This is done to determine the exact reason and the authentic cause of fire. Through this means the preventive and precautionary steps can be taken to avoid such circumstances in the future (D. Drysdale 1999). The second part has got the involvement of laboratory analysis. This is done over the samples that are recovered from the particular fire scene. This is normally done when arson gets suspected in the fire scene (Arson Control Forum 2002). In this paper both these analysis are linked together. The considerations are done through the mean of understanding the precautionary systems that are applicable during a fire accident.

With different kinds and types of simple tips any kind of fire accident. The analysis also laid emphasis over the issue of community safety and the application of particular strategic objective. The purpose is to investigate over the performance that can be well measured and the related organisations are considered to have the accountability to reducing fire injuries & deaths in their localities. It is through this paper that the role and the possible inter-relationship fire service and all other emergency services are scrutinised (N.

Nic Daéid 2002). The supporting agencies too are considered through the theoretical applicability for community safety. Scene investigationThe applicability of fire scene investigations needs the expertise initiated by the investigator. The investigator must have the understanding of all kinds of concepts and formulations related to the task. The fire scene investigation needs the following participations. There must be proper initiation over the fundamental practices and the observation over the methodology that gets involved in the specific fire scene. All the necessary conditions must get utilised to get the fire provisions initiated and thereby maintained.

Absolute knowledge about the appropriateness of dynamics of fire and the causes that might have influenced its development must be well understood. The absolute command over the knowledge of various kinds of fuel packages, along with the auto-ignition temperatures must be at the finer tips of the investigators. The behaviour and the amount of heat release by these fuels must be well known the fire investigator. All kinds of burn and smoke patterns need absolute speculations.

There are different types of interpretation over different types of fire and that is very necessary to concentrate upon. These are some of the basic things that every fire investigator, rather every layman needs to know in order to prevent serious damages during a fire. SARA methodologyThe application of SARA methodology is related to the applicability of all sorts of professional persuasion of safety measures in order to have the best possible scope of having fewer losses during a fire accident. This is a methodology that works towards the identification of all sorts of vulnerabilities in the prevalent existing systems and thereby creates a kind of network that functions for the purpose to safeguard the situations that are most needed.

Jon S. Traw in his Balanced Fire Protection, states that the formulations are so structures that the protections are shield against them.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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