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The paper "Communication and Decision Making" is a great example of an essay on psychology. This essay analyzes the importance of communication in decision making and finding solutions to different problems. Lutheridge et al. (2001) explain that the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving is a mental deliberating theory that has provided ways to solve intricate hi-tech problems which are at times said to be unsolvable. The application of the methodologies of this theory is in different sectors of economies of Asia, Europe, and America. Its applications in software, forums, and training have positively led to its investment.

Impacts of proper communication are improving in different sectors that it has been applied together with other communication and life tools. Communication and Decision Making Similarly, integrations of proper communication and other life ideas enable an individual to address issues more precisely with the urgency and accuracy needed for purposes of assured success. Life skills complement proper communication and are therefore quite essential in efforts to make good decisions that can lead to finding appropriate solutions. The application of TRIZ is for individuals who have the precision for planned investigative judgment and incorporation of its abstract in order to understand its contradictions. Effectiveness of TRIZ is realized in decision making when it is coordinated with the strategies for making such decisions.

The decision-making strategies can either be for the company, an individual or for a team forming the organization. Organization Engineering provides an in-depth understanding of individuals and teams that are engaged in the decision-making process. Organizational Engineering is therefore used in aligning the goals of decision-makers who use TRIZ and those who use other life ideas. Discussion Communication is very important in decision making.

This is because self-awareness of communication leads to consultative reasoning and argument. Understanding an individual’ s unique personal style enables one to create long term and good parody to the people they relate with. Kennerly et al. (2006) found that other people’ s perception of any person’ s unique personal style enables easy adaptation to their methods.   Understanding one's personality and self-knowledge helps in understanding, measuring and guiding the behavior of other people. I am primarily a reactive stimulator and my secondary strategic processing style is logical processing.

I am a person who uses a decision strategy to negotiate life prospects enabling the complex endeavors to seem simple. In case of a situation, I tend to act fast so as to deliver results after serious thinking concerning the issue. This provides a benchmark for measurement and engineering in case of group action. Since there is no universal wrong or right decision, each action and problem has its uniqueness and each strategy has the strengths and weaknesses depending on the situation. I, therefore, apply prompt courses of action to different situations.

Despite the immediate need for action, I involve logical reasoning that is methodological and firm thereby motivating me to systematically process well-reasoned information. Facione et al. (2007) stated that the combination of the two strategic processing styles enables an understanding of an individual’ s decision-making preferences. Therefore, a combination of my primary and secondary strategic processing styles i. e. reactive stimulator and logical processor respectively lead to my choice of decisions that are presently yielding benefits. This implies that I use the decision strategy to approach life prospects which have made me a performer. The use of strategies enables my decisions to ensure situational changes from being complicated to less complicated and thus not leaving the outcome to chance.

This further explains that my top two strategic processing styles and my strategic pattern i. e. performance affects my communication and decision making process positively because it enables me to take prompt and decisive actions after the analytical assessment that in most cases leads to the accomplishment of viable outcomes both in the short term and long term.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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