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Areas of potential Miscommunication: 6Conclusion: 7Reference: 8SummaryThe following paper is report on Chinese Business Practices and Business Ethics, it seeks essentially to inform and advice Mr Arthur Chawell, thereby assisting him in his task of acquiring the venture from a fifty year old Chinese widow by the name of Mrs Chang. The paper looks at the ways in which Mr Chawell can create a good first impression on Mrs Chang, thereby assuring and coaxing her into taking the negotiations further from the first meeting. The report tries to be exhaustive and looks to cover every aspect of a meeting and the creation of a positive first impression.

It covers issues like verbal and non verbal communication strategies, the way in which to dress and an exhaustive list of the dos and don’ts during the course of the meeting. It will also look to cover and advice the two most important areas where there can be a change for miscommunication to happen. IntroductionA business culture can be defined as A unique set of expectations and assumptions about how people are supposed to act in business. It therefore has to be remembered that what is considered ethical can vary from one culture to the next.

Business behavior therefore needs to be localized in order to work with the newer expectations and meet the challenges that these impose. In any given business deal, effective communication coupled with a favorable first impression can go a long way in ensuring the success of negotiations. When Mr Chalwell goes in to the meeting in China he needs to be aware of a few basic rules and he would need to keep in mind some fundamentals if negotiations are to go as he desires.

There can be no fixed recipe that can be adopted by him guaranteeing him success but it can said with some level of assurance that if he the following basic fundamentals he should be able to leave a good first impression without offending any of Mrs Leng’s sensibilities. Communication in this particular case would be taking place in the context of a deal which will require My Chalwell to acquire Mrs Chang's venture for as less of a cost as possible.

This will then mean that if the terms of agreement are favorable to MR Chalwelll, he has to be able to please Mrs Chang and get her to agree on the conditions of pricing that he is prepared or equipped to offer. For this purpose at the first meeting at least it would be absolutely essential for Mrs Chang to like Mr Chalwell’s approach to life and the way in which he approaches business opportunities. It would also help if Mr Chalwell was able to present himself as someone who is knowledgeable about the Chinese way of doing business, thereby assuring Mrs Chang about the future of her venture.

It would therefore be most advisable that Mr Chalwell learn the rules of Chinese business ettiqutte before approaching the meeting, thereby being able to stand on firm ground as far as the methods of communication are concerned.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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