Essays on Customer Service Systems in Organisations in Sydney Assignment

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The paper "Customer Service Systems in Organisations in Sydney" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. After conducting a survey across Sydney with regard to the Customer Service systems in different organisations, we are delighted to introduce you to our new product Swiftdesk, which is online customer support software that enables small businesses to support customers over the phone, email, the web, and social media sites. Swiftdesk offers you everything you need so as to satisfy your customers, can attract new customers, as well as reduce service costs. The company has good connectivity across Sydney and will offer better services competently. The main motto of our organisations is offering quality services.

Swiftdesk will offer every person an interface with their customers in terms of satisfaction, support, and sales. Besides that, Swiftdesk will offer access to crucial customer data in real-time; thus, being able to support the customers while driving cross-sell and upsell. The company’ s manager, Mr Rushford will communicate with you in a week’ s time to personally discuss the details. We believe the new product will generate a healthy working relationship with all of you in the future. Thank you Yours Sincerely, Philip Jefferson Question Two The product to be offered is Inventory software, which can be utilised to track the inventory deliveries, levels, sales as well as orders.

The three companies that have been identified as the potential customers for the product are Woolworths Limited, Aerosonde Ltd and Sigma Pharmaceuticals. The product is important for Woolworths Limited because it ensures that the customers always get the product they want and this goal is balanced against the financial need of the retailer with the goal of maintaining little stock.

The inventory software will enable Woolworths to track available inventory and sales, communicate effectively with the suppliers as well as obtain and integrate other data, like the seasonal demand. Besides that, the product is important for Aerosonde Ltd because they can use the software to the bill of materials, work order, as well as other documents related to production. Aerosonde Ltd can utilise inventory software to avoid raw material outages. On the other hand, the product can be used by Sigma Pharmaceuticals to avoid stock-outs as well as manage higher intricacy of new sales channels (Pelzel, 2015). Question Three A Long resume is justified for job seekers who have made scores of employment shifts and possibly feel that the two-page limit is constraining: bearing in mind that they have a lot of information to write the resume.

In this case, all the accomplishments, as well as venues, start shrinking the size of the font and pushing the margins outward to an extent that the resume looks so overcrowded and dense. Besides that, a long resume is justified to job seekers with ‘ product profile’ that has lots of diverse skills and experience, especially those who find it challenging to summarise their different talents without omitting lots of attractive selling points.

Therefore, a long resume can be the best approach to ‘ Generation X’ since they have diverse employment experience (Richardson, 2015). Besides that, when people include their work experience, coursework, community activities, volunteer work and skills as well as other professional development activities, then it is more likely that the older employees will have a long resume. Furthermore, the approach of sending one resume to all is no longer working since each ré sumé have to be related to the job being applied.

Therefore, a long resume is justified when the job seeker includes all the experiences, which are adequately relevant to the applied job.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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