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The paper "Communication Management, Contemporary Public Speaking" is a perfect example of a management assignment. Bill O’ Reilly is a senior commentator at the Fox News. After watching his presentation style in the 'The O'Reilly Factor, ” I hope to begin expressing my viewpoints in a similar style. This is because O’ Reilly uses facts and figures, including examples to inform and explain his point. For instance, in this video based on President Obama’ s Last Stand, O’ Reilly feels that Obama has a naive view of the world. When he disagrees with Obama on his stand on “ Islamist Terrorist, ” he does not just disagree but proceeds to provide evidence to show that most Muslims are terrorists and that most Muslim nations support citing countries Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and many African Muslim nations.

I find this kind of presentation a good way of informing that I want to immolate by ensuring that I use statistics and examples to stress a point of view. http: //video. foxnews. com/v/5148006957001/president-obamas-last-stand/? #sp=show-clips B2: There are basically two types of speech purposes namely informative and persuasive speech. The differences between the two types of speeches lie in the goal or purpose they intend to achieve.

On one hand, the informative presentation aims at providing the audience with knowledge and facts (Bell & Smith 1999, p. 380). The information or knowledge may be provided in the form of facts, statistics or any other evidence that the person presenting the speech might deem fit. A good example of informative presentation is that provided during academic lecture since the professor seeks to provide students with the information and facts as they are so that they can understand them (Bell & Smith 1999, p.

380). Using the earlier example, when the professor tells the students that obesity is a common health problem and that people should eat healthily and do regular exercise to prevent obesity, the professor here now moves from just informing to persuading the audience to take action. B3: CSI: New York and Bones are the two television programs that I truly enjoy watching over and over again. The two programs are similar in most aspects as both are based on forensic investigations to address crime in the society.

In both programs, the characters are involved in the collection of evidence and analysis, as well as autopsies to be able to profile the criminal. Other than the words and conversation that are involved, the meaning is communicated using visual evidence, such as dead bodies, which the forensic investigators perform an autopsy. The investigators also use blood samples as visual evidence to communicate meaning. B4: An informative speech is a speech or presentation that aims to provide the audience with knowledge or facts. In this speech that appeared in The Guardian Newspaper on February 24, 2010, the President of Toyota Motor Corporation, Akio Toyoda delivered a speech to the Congress detailing the company philosophy about quality control, the reasons the company recalled some of its cars and the strategies that Toyota had intended to adopt in managing quality in the future.

After reading this speech, Toyota president did a good job in detailing the philosophy of the company regarding quality control. On the contrary, I feel that Toyota CEO did not do a good job in detailing the real cause of the issues that resulted in the recall.

Instead, president Toyoda only cited pursuit for faster growth as being the main cause. Therefore, personally I would do this part differently by detailing factual information of the actual cause of the recall so that the audience can know what exactly happened. At the same time, I would provide details of the number of cars that were affected by the recall.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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