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The paper 'Business Incidence at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield" is a good example of a management case study. Business entities across the world are increasingly integrating technology into their operations to enhance efficiency levels. Nonetheless, most of these businesses have failed to consider the challenges associated with technology including the data breach issues. Locally and internationally, disasters affect business operations irrespective of the scope of operations. In addition, institutions are implementing technological practices without seeking advice from experts to assist in protecting the organizational database. Management scientists and experts from the information and technology argue that incorporation of technology into the business is important; however, there are various illegal activities especially data breach that affects organizational performance.

In this report, the business chosen is Anthem, which is the second-largest health insurer in the United States that experienced a massive cyber attack (Japsen,   2017). The business lost a huge sum of money while compensating the customers and experienced a decline in the customers’ trust. The incident occurred in February 2015 and led to the loss of personal information of about 78.8 million customers.

According to Anthem, the cyberattack exposed the various elements of customers’ information including the dates of birth, social security numbers, names, histories of employment, and addresses. Such information is important in stealing the identity of the customers. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Anthem is working towards the transformation of healthcare through caring and trusted strategies. The business delivers quality services that offer members access to the care systems required. The vision aims to be America’ s valued health partner through its value pillars: trustworthy, caring, and innovative, accountable.

For most customers, insurance is complicated; however, the business offers simple terms and straightforward answers regarding health coverage (Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 2017). In the recent years, there has been an increment in the number of investors coming into the industry, which increases the level of competition; as a result, the business is keen on partnering with international entities as affiliates: producers, employers, and providers. In addition, due to increased cases associated with health insurance, the government has been keen on implementing policies that regulate the industrial practices to protect the customers. Business Incidence at Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield are one of the insurance businesses that were at the forefront within the industry to integrate different elements of technology.

The business experienced a cyber attack in which the hackers infiltrated organizational database to steal important facts such as the names, social security figures, home addresses, and different important information that affected the repute of the trade within the market. Both Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and the industry have limited capacity to control the damages from such incidences.

Therefore, the main question from the consumers is the ability of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield and businesses with the healthcare industry to manage the volumes of data they accumulate. Such data breach has been considered a footnote since its occurrence. Various factors overshadowed the business’ large-scale breach including the pending acquisition of Cigna Corporations and various high-profile healthcare digital attacks. Furthermore, there are unresolved cases associated with further disclosure of the known issues.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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