Essays on Diamond Express Inc. Visual Communication Case Study

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The paper "Diamond Express Inc. Visual Communication" is a perfect example of a case study on business. Marketing communication plan for Diamond Express Inc. , which is customer service and sales provision organization.   Audience: The targeted audiences for this plan are the entire management team of Diamond Express Inc. including the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the senior managers, the Human Resource Department and the entire body of employees. Strategy: First, it is prudent to note that there is a good reason for an improved Human Resource department in the organization. Consolidating the activities of the department will be extremely essential towards ensuring improved sales and customer service provision.

It is significant to note that, over the last two years, the organization’ s human resource functions have been spread among several individuals with administrative positions who handled processed paperwork and the management, which handled their own human resources issues. However, two main approaches can be used to achieve this: Taking control over all the human resource activities of the organization including the creation of job vacancies, hiring of staff and management of sales trends in the organization.

This will ease the organization’ s ability to improve the working conditions of the employees. Providing more strategic support to the organization to help in the expansion of their aggressive goals. The first step to this would be holding one-on-one meetings with the managers of the company. Future sales prospects: Despite the company operating for two years, it has faced competition from other more established firms and thus, lowered revenue collections. I will need to ensure that the trust of the employees is first earned towards the organization’ s activities hence, enabling proper sales uptakes.

This is quite an interest point as through it the company will have better visualizations of its human resource department towards the uptake of the sales programs. Projected effectiveness: This is high. I am looking forward to having the entire management structures of the organization accepting the new plan of the human resource department and abiding with them. A balance must be struck in which the management will streamline the goals of the organization in line with the setup strategies of the human resource department.

We cannot get it wrong any longer as the sales prospects of the company rely on this. Conclusion: The achievement of the new set up of the human resource department will ensure that the organizational goals are well addressed and the current issues are outlined with proper baseline sets. One thing that shall be upheld at all times is the culture and values of the organization and how these can be consolidated in the recommendations to follow. It is prudent to note that the human resource policy can either detract from or enhance the performance of the company.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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