Essays on Communications Strategy Development - People with Disabilities Coursework

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The paper 'Communications Strategy Development - People with Disabilities " is a great example of marketing coursework. People living with various forms of disabilities in the society should undergo through various support programs and services; these are supposed to be provided through grants and backing to ensure that ha most of them who have the self-drive force and can stand on their own get the opportunity to be self-employed. To the extremely advantaged should also get motivated through financial incentives. Through grants and loans from development organizations such as banks, formal microfinance institutions, informal sectors, this will enable them to get access to various properties including land to start up their own investments to independent.

Apart from financial support, there is a need to close the gap between the disadvantaged and the less fortunate in areas housing and health in the working places. They should be provided with houses at affordable rates through the National rental affordability scheme in the companies or make their workplaces readily available to avoid inconveniences and health facilities whenever their situations worsen as they are vulnerable to various conditions in life that must ensure proper precautions taken in good time.

The employers should never be stereotyped in their recruitments but should focus on abilities rather than disabilities thereby increasing the percentage of disabled persons at work, and in the long run improving the economic status of individuals as well as the country. In 2007 the Australian government formed a Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs that was charged with the responsibility initiating social policies and support that would help in benefiting the Australian society by boosting their living standards.

It offered programs that advantaged all the classes found within a community such as; the elderly, women, aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander people, families and children, individuals who are homeless, young people and students even the people living with disability were not left out as they also form part of the society as well. Its key mandate was to be certain that there is an inclusive society for all regardless of the individual differences and by ensuring that everyone enjoyed their right without any form of discrimination.

This paper tries to develop the most appropriate communication strategy to help the government in implementing a program for the benefit of disabled people in Australia. Communication strategy The significance of the enhancement and facilitation of strong adept on Communication strategy, especially on the advancement of the families in the Australian citizenry is highly underscored. The improvement of the mode of communication forms the basic option on how to improve the wellbeing of the disabled. The business segment of society highly depends on the stringent policy of communication as a tool to spearhead the business future.

An outright model for communication is very vital for the eventual growth and development of the business in the Australian community. The involvement of the disabled members of the Australian community is highly inclined on the achievement of the right frames for them so as to effortlessly achieve well-set company goals, which vividly define parameters that determine the eventual outcome of the company. Employee recognizes motivation, self-management and clear training as the most awesome models for the soaring of the business. Moreover, beyond the conveyance of the company strategy and goals to the employees, the company is liable to inform the workers on their specific role in the success of the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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