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1.0 IntroductionCommunity safety is quite a very imperative issue within the society. This is considering the fact that all age groups are found within the community. These are young children, youths, middle aged people and also the very old. All these play a very important role within the society and therefore need to be safeguarded against any possible dangers. This subject has been handled by various stakeholders throughout history. There are many areas within the community that can be quite unsafe if proper measures are not taken into consideration.

(Kirk, 2006)This paper has information relating to the background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives and goals of community safety and hypothesis for testing. Other aspects also included in the paper are literature review, economic costs of fire, research methodology, data collection methods and recommendations. All these are related to community safety issues. 2.0 Background information and statement of the problemIt seems that there is a very dire problem in multi occupancy high rise buildings that are under construction. These buildings provide overpopulated temporary housing for migrant workers. Analysis shows that the migrant workers are adversely affected due to constant fires within the premises.

(Andersen, 1998)It has been noted that some of them get very severe injuries while others lose their lives. This becomes quite prevalent during winter. This is because many of the migrant workers tend to spend more time within the premises during this season. They fully utilize heating and electrical utilities in these seasons. (Crockford, 1986)The fire mostly emanates from the fact that occupants keep on altering electricity supplies so that they can provide many cooking areas within the single dwelling.

Research carried out reveals that the occupants simply try to get avenues of connecting many electrical cooking gadgets from the power supplies. (Alexander, 2004)These actions are done without any knowledge of safety measures that have to be taken to avoid short circuits. This generally results in overheating and even short circuiting of electrical wires. Due to these two issues, fires easily start within the premises. Since the buildings are overpopulated, the occupants cannot easily exit from the buildings. Many of the migrant workers end up getting burns or other injuries resulting from being trampled on by other migrants as they try to find their way out.

There are no proper measures within the buildings that have been put in place to minimize the risks. This includes lack of gadgets that can be used to detect fires early and also protect the buildings from catching fire easily. (Watts, 2001)There are various factors that have played a very big role in aggravating the entire problem. One of them is the fact that the building is still under construction. The other is that the buildings are overpopulated by the migrant workers; the housing is not suitable to be used for accommodation purposes.

3.0 Objectives and goals Community safety is a global issue that has been widely discussed by various stakeholders. The objectives of this paper are as follows; To find out problems related to community safety within the societyTo find out how overpopulation in high rise buildings contributes to the detriment of community safetyTo evaluate how migrant workers staying in high rise buildings contribute to start of fires thereinHow do unfinished high rise buildings contribute to deterioration of community safetyTo assesses how lack of fire safety education among stakeholders contributes to fires within the communityTo ascertain the role the government plays in aggravating the problem

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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