Essays on Companies Who Practice Positive Social Responsibility Article

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Companies who practice positive Social Responsibility Affiliation: The article istitled “Steel firms change track on CSR. ” It is from a wall street journal in New Delhi known as “livemint (http: //www. livemint. com/2012/04/01190713/Steel-firms-change-track-on-CS. html). ” This article is written by Ruchira Singh and was written on April 1st, 2012.The article discusses how steel firms in India have finally headed to the advice and criticisms from the community and non-governmental organizations and changed its main focus and goal from maximizing profits (which was accompanied by destruction of the environment and death of thousands of people from the steel mines) to incorporating aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Some of these steel firms like Essar and Tata have been engaging in community development activities and also environmental sustainability programs. Some of their community development projects not only target the community but specific individuals in need like those requiring surgeries for example. Their commitment is serious as Essar for example has set aside 26% of its profits for positive social responsibility projects and measures. The news from the article is in line with the advantages of having CSR incorporated in an organization.

Some of these advantages like community development go way ahead and ensure the sustainability of the organization as it continues to gain approval of its stakeholder’s majority of who are the customers (community). Environmental sustainability as mentioned in the article is also another advantage of engaging in CSR. Sustainability of the environment and having green programs ensures that the organization cares about the future generation and the continuity of the world and even making it better. Lack of CSR in an organization leads to criticisms and may even lead to slow downfall of the organization since the community does not approve it and civil societies continue fighting the organization portraying bad publicity for the organization. ReferencesSingh, R.

(April 1st, 2012). “Steel firms change track on CSR. ” Livemint. Retrieved from: http: //www. livemint. com/2012/04/01190713/Steel-firms-change-track-on-CS. html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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