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The paper "Huawei Company Analysis" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Huawei is a Chinese-based company and its owners are entirely the staff of the company. Huawei has penetrated over 100 countries, as its market. It is based in Shenzhen in China (BNamericas 1). Huawei began its business operations, humbly, by selling telephone switches that were imported and then it took the initiative to start manufacturing the product. It grew fast and rapidly by focusing on China’ s rural regions that were not exploited by the larger companies (Brian 138).

Huawei operates in three segments that include carrier network, consumer business and Enterprise Business (Huawei Technologies Co. , Ltd 2014). Now, Huawei is the largest telecom dealer in the Chinese market. It was limited to exploiting foreign markets but started by penetrating developing nations in Asia (Brian 138). Later on, it started paying attention to developed nations in the USA, Netherlands and United Kingdom (Brian 138). It has operations in Latin America with main offices established in Chile, Peru, Venezuela and Brazil (BNamericas 1). Its main services include E2E Network planning/evolution, Business and Network and customer experience management (Huawei Technologies Ltd 1).

Its solutions include Go-greener that is an environmental solution advocating for environmental conversation by avoiding environmental pollution. Another solution is known as Broader + smarter solutions. The company’ s products include Radio Access, Network energy, Application and software, sever, Data Communication and Transport Network (Huawei Technologies Ltd 1). To be specific, the company’ s devices and solutions are found in 170 regions and or countries. It accumulated annual sales revenue amounting to USD39.6 billion in the year 2013. Huawei became 285th on the award known as Global Fortune 500.

In the corporate governance section, the company is said to have the Shareholders’ Meeting as the highest authority in Huawei (Huawei Technologies Ltd 1).

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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