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The paper 'The Management and Leadership Environment' is a good example of a Management Case Study. UAE and the UK are two countries that have few similarities to talk about. Their cultures, histories, origins, lifestyles, natives, everything is quite different. UAE is a relatively new country as compared with the United Kingdom. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the history and genesis of an organized fire-fighting department in the two countries, i.e. UAE and UK. UK is a much older country than UAE, all its departments are very old and experience.

It is true for its fire-fighting department that dates back to the 16th century whereas if we compare this with UAE it is a relatively new phenomenon. The paper also explores various leadership and management theories and the circumstances of using the theories. The paper examines the difference in the leadership characteristics of the two countries in terms of their fire services. The paper also serves another purpose of examining the history, services, and the role that fire fighting plays. The diverse cultural and environmental backgrounds of the two countries make the comparison more interesting. Historical Perspective and Role Brief History of the Fire department of UAE The fire department of UAE comes under the jurisdiction of Civil defense that was formed in 1976.

The Civil defense of UAE has responsibilities such as the security of the citizens, the security of the private and public properties, the safe rescue of victims, transportation of citizens securely, the security of national wealth during the war, and emergency situation. Since all these responsibilities are of the department of Civil Defense, therefore, the responsibility of fire services is also their responsibility.

It is one of the main organs of the interior ministry under the supervision of the general directorate of Civil defense. It was a requirement that the interior ministry must take all possible steps to ensure that the directorate of civil defense and the department officials perform their duties properly. Role of fire services in the UAE The fire department of UAE like all the other fire departments in the world protects the lives of the citizens. Similar is the role of the fire department of the Civil Defense is to ensure protection of the citizens of UAE against fire.

The sole aim of the department of Civil Defense e unit was the protection of property and life of the citizens of the UAE. Therefore, the fire department plays a phenomenal role in the fulfillment of the agenda of the Civil defense. One of the major responsibilities of the fire department is the safety passage of citizens trapped in a fire. Similarly, the safety of property both public and private becomes the next thing on their agenda.

The fire department is also required for the installment of necessary equipment and technology to facilitate better protection and security (Dubai civil Defence, 2007). A brief history of Fire Services in Great Britain The United Kingdom is an old country and so are its departments. The people of the country had their first encounter with organized fire fighting in 43 A. D. This was the time when Romans had invaded the United Kingdom. Fire fighting is one department that has not changed significantly over the years, though it has facilitated technology like other departments.

The fire was blown out by throwing buckets of water or syringes that squirted water with pressure on the fire. The city of London experienced a horrible fire ever in the year 1666 known as the Great Fire of London. The fire resulted in changing the perspectives of the people regarding fire fighting and all of them came up with different ideas towards fire fighting and the outcomes. All these events became the cause for the organization of a proper, disciplined fire-fighting department. In this regard, the act for fire services introduced in 1947 is of significance.

It became effective on 1st April 1948. After the implementation of the acts, 148 fire brigades became operational under County Council and County Borough. However, these brigades of County and City were united in 1974. This unison took place because of the reorganization of the local government. The Act was updated in 2004. Recently, a number of fire brigades have been taken away from the authorities of local government and given to private authorities. The number of brigades total 63 in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (UK Fire services resources group, 2007).



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