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The paper 'Comparative Industrial Relations' is a great example of a Management Assignment. The notion that the proportion of main influence on employment in a comparative perspective is largely country-specific can be backed by several factors. Ron Bean undertakes a comparative analysis of employment relations and highlights that one of the basic features that make employment relations to be largely country-specific is attributed to the academic sector of Industrial relations(1). The field is typically defined by the diverse characteristic of job regulation. These particular regulations formulate the rules for employment relationships within a country. Employment relations can, therefore, be referred to as country-specific due to regulatory measures that are outlined by academic institutions within a country.

Although the existence of comparative industrial studies has expanded, which deals with transnational and international studies. These relations can only be applied to international labor movements or multinational organizations. As a result employment relations can basically be categorized as country-specific because most organizations available within a country are state-owned or privately owned by citizens. Greg et al (329) in the analysis of comparative and international relations, notes the importance of national employment relations within the national level.

He indicates that these particular relations not only promote development at the economic level but also at the institutional and political levels within a country. For instance, when Korea took over the role of OECD and the International Labor Organizations' contributions in shaping labor legislation. The country made significant steps in terms of workforce participation which further influenced improvements in other sectors of the economy. Such aspects, therefore, indicate that the influence of employment relations within the comparative perspective can basically be more functional within the national level (Ron 4). The main function of the system of industrial relations is the distribution of power resources between buyers and sellers of manpower and the changes that are linked to this distribution.

The aspect of power resources are the basis of the ownership patterns of capital that exists among employees. In addition, the organization is well united, and political power effectively exercised. The broad realization of these attributes can best be attained at the national level. This is due to the fact that the centralization of the power base is well organized within the country level.

This means that industrial relations which mainly encompass the analysis of every person's work can effectively be established within-country specifications in order to enhance proper management of the workforce. Another major factor is associated with the fact that the general structure of changes that may occur within the Industrial sector can effectively be detected within the country's specification. In recent years, rapid changes have occurred which usually force many organizations to formulate innovations that are either organizational or technological for the major purpose of meeting these particular changes.

In some of the countries, employee relations are frequently advocated for with a reduced emphasis on the concept of collectivism. Changes in production systems and markets have resulted in the development of greater initiatives in terms of management. The end result is strong pressure which mainly emphasizes centralization, yet centralization can best be practiced within the national specification as opposed to the international level.

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