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McDonald’s Company McDonald’s Company of the company McDonald’s is one of top ranked fast food companies in a hospitality industry globally. The main core of this company is pegged at the foodservice retailing and is estimated to serve about seventy million customers a day. Decentralization of it global branches approximated to serve over 35,000 locations in over 100 nations and over eighty percent of its restaurants are locally owned by independent domestic investors. Methods used by the CEO Commitment to people The CEO has adopted the motivational strategies amongst his employees where opportunity in management of the business is availed through decision making process which is all inclusive of the company stakeholders (Ritzer 80).

This has presented a culture where employees are rewarded upon achievement hence maintaining loyalties as well as increased productivity as well as increased innovation that is to the benefits of the company. Believe in McDonald system The confidence has been instilled amongst the McDonald Company that plan to win system works. Every employee thus works with common goal to achieving the company objective. A “three legged” stool coined as the name of the operational systems which aims at company employees, owners and suppliers are harmoniously aligned and work together in achieving the target goal Customer experience drives the company The attributes the existence of the company to their customers and are thus given a proper and keen attention as well as ensuring quality products.

The superiority as well as well as the quality of foods are tailored to satisfy the customers and based on a clean and safety environment. The company goal abbreviated as QSC and V which refers to quality, service, cleanliness and values is universally applicable to every customer. Ethical business operation Honest, fairness, integrity have become part and parcel of the CEO in his operation.

He appreciates the significant of ethical business operation and the reputation of the company as based on the company name (Ritzer 111). This has made it have a continuous flow of customers as well as increased shareholders ensuring strong capital base. Profitable business growth The CEO has established the business as ever growing in its dividend accruals aimed at increasing the shareholders wealth. This is achieve as the business is a publicly traded through issuance of shares among the public and hence aims at benefiting its shareholders globally.

This is enabled by proper check on the workability of the system as well as customers priorities centered. Constant evaluation and innovation This is made possible as the business has developed a culture where the points of view of its customers and every stakeholder has been welcomed and adopted to the benefits of the business. The company therefore continuously strives to improve (Ritzer 212). It is a flexible and education-hungry company that does not leave every idea to waste as the CEO believes in teamwork and the principle of triangulation. Organizational structure President and Chief Executive Officer This is the chief executive at the uppermost top management.

He is the general executive overseeing the activities of all the over 100 countries McDonald’s company. He is the overall manager running the company both locally and global operations. He is enabled to do this through the several vice presidents that are delegated specific duties as discussed. Executive Vice President Word Worldwide Supply Chain, Development and Franchising This is tasked with the general function of managing overseeing supply chain, development as well as franchising on a global perspective. Executive Vice President and Chief Finance Officer This is the officer that is tasked with the management of all the finances accruing to the company from all over the world and any other function as delegated by the chief executive officer. Executive Vice President and Global Chief Restaurant Officer This has a specific duty of management of the over 35000 restaurants across the globe may do other duties as delegated to by the president. Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary This is the officer responsible for keeping the records of the overall operation of the company on a global perspective and also tasked with the counsel function of the company. Executive Vice President Chief Human Resource Officer This is the chief officer that is tasked to ensure the management of human capital within this company and also how the company staffing including the employees’ motivation is properly done to ensure increased worker productivity. Executive President and Chief Brand Officer This is responsible for the management of the brand by ensuring the quality of the company products across all the company branches to ensure the brands are able to keep pace with the changing trends as well as survive the competition. Chief Operation Officer This is the officer in charge of the general operation of the company on a global perspective.

Every operation that is undertaken is to be overseen by this officer to ensure that the ethical issues are followed in order to meet the company objectives. Senior Vice President and Chief Communication Officer This is tasked by the coordination and to ensure that the system works aligning the suppliers, the company and its employees in a harmonious and workable manner to ensure the company smooth operation without breakdowns. Senior Vice President Global GCR, Sustainability and Philanthropy This performs the research and advice where necessary on the best way possible the company should go in order to ensure the sustainability of the company in this competitive industry. Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy This officer ensures that there is a mutual relationship amongst the McDonald Company in every location by developing strategies that are in favor of this task. Senior Vice President and Chief Digital Officer This officer is tasked by ensuring that the company technology adoption is in pace with the latest to keep check not to be overridden by the competitors as the world has been reduced to a global village by use of the social media which is now used for the e-marketing and in almost every business transactions. Senior Vice President and Global Chief Information Officer This draws his responsibility based on the conveyance of the information amongst the company branches globally (Williams 87).

This information is very vital for the operation of this company and hence this officer performs this task to ensure proper coordination. In addition to these global officers, there are other specific presidents tasked with the management of these company branches in a continental basis such as President McDonald’s Europe, Latin America, Asia, Middle East, Africa and USA. Analyze their mission statement, goals and vision Goal The goal is customers satisfaction centered as it is pegged at ensuring that a customer evaluates such restaurants as the best place to be.

This is achieved through serving favorites dishes known World Famous Fries, Quarter pounder, chicken McNuggets and Big Mac. Mission The mission statement here is customer based as the priority is given to the customers in terms of their favorites; customers are made to feel McDonald is the place to refresh as well as feed (Williams 80).

The mission revolves around coined global strategy referred to as plan to win which makes it possible for the alignment of its worldwide operations. The plan to win is consumer centered and hence based on the unique customer experience and thus uses such experience to adjust meeting the consumer needs. Vision The company focuses on making its customer the priority by offering quality food and to become a world class restaurant where customer experience remains the core business of the company. Product makeup Analysis BCG Matrix Analysis Brands Revenues % of corporate revenues Largest competitor’s (KFC)market share McDonalds market share Relative market share Market growth rate 1 550,000 54% 25% 25% 1 3% 2 400,000 38% 30% 5% 0.17 12% 3 100,0000 6% 45% 30% 0.67 13% 4 70,000 2% 10% 1% 0.1 10% SWOT Analysis The company serves over 70 million a day forming the basis of its strength.

The company has made it simple its food preparation for employees, an advantage as many competitors find it hard to adopt. The company is a cost leader and hence makes its food prices so low that the competitor’s cannot hence more sales volume. They have also adopted speed in food delivery hence customer’s loyalty (Leidner 98). The company’s weaknesses are very minimal since it does not fully control the branches independently owned.

This may threaten its reputation should such investor unethically practice. McDonald’s receive many individual who would want open up new restaurants with them on a global perspective hence an opportunity. Main threats are seen from the stiff competition by many other fast food restaurants such as KFC. Global approach Levering is the system where alignment is seen amongst the company, suppliers as well as its franchisees being the center stage and the strength of this company. This has enabled the company in identification of salient issues as well as ideas which become very easy to implement as well scaling.

This facilitates the degree of easiness the customer’s needs are met as this system keeps pace with the ever changing needs and preferences of the customers on a global perspective. McDonald is ranked as being an integral societal part by the use of a business model that has been in consistent in delivering domestically-relevant restaurant experience. The company’s consumer- centered plan has enabled alignment of restaurants globally thus easily adaptive to local environments (Leidner 113).

The continuous focus on their main three growth priorities including menu optimization, broadening accessibility as well as customers experience modernization has placed it on an advantage thus blending very well in the global markets. They have developed, convenience; geographical decentralization as well as system alignment as the basic cores hence the reason for its strangeness. Discuss the competitive landscape the company Being one of the fast food companies, it faces a stiff competition from such companies as KFC, world’s leading fast food producing company. It has to play well to remain relevant.

It is for this reason that the company has developed such strategies discussed in order to compete and remain operational (Leidner 123). The CEO ensures that customers’ experience form the core in order to keep the loyalty of the customers increasing its sales volume. Future Analysis - act in the future The company has an executive officer attached to ensuring its sustainability and philanthropy. This department ensures the sustainability of the company by coming up with new policies that are aimed at ensuring that the company remains in pace with is competitors.

Recommendation Its working structure is well organized and the ability of the company to put more emphasis on the customer focus as well as the shareholders and more interestingly, the appreciation of the employees’ contributions by rewarding well performers is promising and will take it a notch higher compared to competitors. The paper recommends the continuous motivation of its workforce and customers’ focus to enhance its reputation thereby attracting customers hence increased profitability. Work Cited Leidner, Robin.

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