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The paper "Comparing Chevrolet’ s Two Different Types of Marketing Programmes" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. The American automobile industry has grown in both quality and quantity, especially with regard to the personal car segment. ‘ This is because different consumers have different tastes, which the manufacturers must seek to meet’ . Whereas some of the consumers are interested in style, others are interested purely in functionality. There are those who go for price, while others go the economy in terms of running costs. A large percentage of consumers go for vehicles that are robust and can be used in all manner of terrain.

Some manufacturers have sought to tap from all these market demands by manufacturing different vehicles that appeal to different consumers. One such company is Chevrolet, which has developed two car models, the 2010 Camaro and the 2009 Corvette C6. ‘ These vehicles have been on the market for more than forty years, and are famed for their muscle, speed and rumbling noise’ . The more than ninety-nine years that Chevrolet has been in the car manufacturing industry has given it a solid grounding as far as the marketing of its car brands is concerned.

This paper aims at comparing the marketing strategies Chevrolet employs in the marketing of these car models, the 2010 Camaro and the 2009 Corvette C6 ( Stephens, 2008) 2010 Camaro Chevrolet produced the Camaro from 1965 until 2002, when production was stopped because the model had become unpopular. This is because its performance was unsatisfactory, yet the price was rather high. The losses could not easily be mitigated by Corvette, whose market appeal was more than that of the Camaro and hence, was preferred by consumers.

“ It was not until 2007 that the Camaro was redesigned and relaunched as Camaro 2010” (Edwards, 2006. p. 45). The price and performance issues that had previously been a problem had been fixed. Globalization The 2010 Camaro C6 is more of a territorial car brand. It is mainly produced and on the American market. This is because the manufacture of the car is rather expensive, which translates to a higher price for the finished product. A few able consumers outside America place special orders and often ask for customization of certain features.

Others can only afford to buy the previously owned units. Relationship with other functions and brands of the organization The 2010 Camaro is usually manufactured because it has certain features that are not found in other brands manufactured by the company. It is, for example, said to be in the same league as the Mustang GT was preferred when Camaro went out of circulation in 2002. It also closely relates to the Pontiac Firebird, with which it shares lots of features.

Most of the parts that go into the assembling of the 2010 Camaro are manufactured by the company, with only a few being outsourced. Companies that manufacture spare parts which may not be Chevrolet itself.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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