Essays on Comparing the Websites of 3 Companies Case Study

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The paper "Comparing the Websites of 3 Companies" is a good example of a marketing case study.   A domain name, for e. g. commbank. com. au, anz. com, nab. com. au is the addresses used to locate an entity on the Internet (Registering A Domain Name 101, 2010). The last part of a domain name is called a top-level domain (TLD). In http: //www. commbank. com. au/ and http: //www. nab. com. au/, it is a country code TLD as it carries the nationality of the domain name (. com. au = Australia) informing clients that these are a legitimate Australia business, registered with state governments.

http: //www. anz. com/personal/ refers to a commercial site as it carries the. com TLD. Ideally, a domain name should concisely indicate what the business is all about and be meaningful to the respective target market so that they can remember it (Registering A Domain Name 101, 2010). In this regard, only Commonwealth Bank’ s domain name is apt as it used the word ‘ bank’ in its domain name, unlike the other bank’ s domain names. Basically, domain names become the brand identity of the organisations and thus Commonwealth Bank has done well by getting itself identified as a bank in its domain name itself. However, another desirable aspect of a domain name (Registering A Domain Name 101, 2010) is that it should not be easily misspelt and not be too lengthy (3 words or less is best).

Under these criteria, the domain names of Anz Bank and NAB Bank fit better than that of Commonwealth Bank. But, one may still argue that getting itself identified as a bank in the domain name is definitely an advantage over a shorter name. Search engine position Using advanced web ranking report (www. advancedwebranking. com), following visibility of the different websites, was fetched: - According to the above rankings, http: //www. commbank. com. au/ fares the best in terms of its rankings and visibility, followed by http: //www. anz. com/personal/ and then http: //www. nab. com. au/.

The website of Commonwealth Bank is the only website which ranks in the first place. Website of NAB Bank does not feature until the Top 10 website ranks are taken into consideration. Condition The Ranking around the world for the three banks respectively are as under: - Commbank. com. au’ s Regional Traffic Ranks Country Rank     Australia 13     Thailand 2,083     China 21,523     United States 43,948 Anz. com’ s Regional Traffic Ranks Country Rank     Australia 19     New Zealand 31     Singapore 1,673     Indonesia 4,591     China 23,567 National. com. au’ s Regional Traffic Ranks Country Rank     Australia 23     Thailand 3,518     United Kingdom 18,863     Japan 20,692     China 31,870 The subdomains which majority people visit when visiting the respective banks’ websites are as under: - Subdomain (Commbank. com. au) Percent of Visitors my. commbank. com. au 76.94% netbank. commbank. com. au 61.77% commbank. com. au 56.30% commbiz. commbank. com. au 1.58% evolve. commbank. com. au 0.63% Subdomain (Anz. com) Percent of Visitors com 32.01% com 30.50% anz. com 84.95% anz. com. au 42.85% com 4.41% Subdomain (National. com. au) Percent of Visitors ib. nab. com. au 58.22% nab. com. au 96.83% nabconnect. nab. com. au 1.22% transact. nab. com. au 1.97% aurdev. national. com. au 0.33% Commonwealth Bank has an international presence in Asia, New Zealand, Europe as well as North America.

ANZ Bank aims to become the leading regional bank by the growing presence in Asia Pacific Europe and America while continuing domestic business in Australia and New Zealand. NAB Bank has a prominent domestic presence only. The top keywords which are driving traffic to the respective banks’ websites are: - Keywords Percent of Search Traffic Commbank. com. au netbank 27.18% commbank 10.06% commonwealth bank 9.92% cba 7.23% commonwealth netbank 2.90% commbank netbank 2.62% comm bank 2.61% Anz. com anz 40.94% anz internet banking 10.90% anz bank 6.53% www. anz. com. au 2.08% anz. com. au 1.35% anz online 1.22% www. anz. com 0.77% National. com. au nab 43.80% nab internet banking 11.56% national bank 6.11% national australia bank 3.49% www. nab. com. au 2.14% nab. com. au 1.92% nab bank 1.23% Context, Content, Corporate ID and Design http: //www. commbank. com. au has quite many information on its website which has been neatly segregated and categorised.

Starting with the site map, it shows the links in various heads as is also available while navigating on the website. The homepage contains a lot of links, however, since organised properly the user does not have much problem understanding the flow of the site once he/she spends some time on the website. There is a constant colour theme of grey and yellow (Picture 1) all throughout the website which further adds to the familiarisation of the site.

The search results option gives a useful choice of refining our search based on certain pertinent categories.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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