Essays on Comparing Japan and the USA to Supermarket Retail Case Study

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The paper 'Comparing Japan and the USA to Supermarket Retail " is a good example of a marketing case study. In a generic perspective, supermarket retail can be perceived as the final chain of the distribution process which plays a fundamental role in linking the manufacturers or merchandise to the consumers. These retailers purchase products from the manufacturers and wholesalers among other suppliers and proceed to sell them in both large and smaller quantities to the consumers (Reisman & Vu, 2012, p. 2). This analysis will primarily focus on the supermarket retail industry in two countries, namely the USA and Japan.

PESTLE framework analysis will be put into utility with the aim of comparing the viability of internationalization of a company based in the UK seeking to expand its operations into other countries in the Supermarket retailer industry. Nonetheless, it is imperative to first gain a summative insight into the global supermarket industry aimed at gaining an understanding of the niche of these two countries on the global scale and the role of this industry in their economic capacity. Global overview It is an apparent fact that the supermarket retail industry plays an integral role in the global economy.

This is founded on the fact that efficiency in the retailing industry ensures that there is expanded access of the producers to the consumers while on the other hand, the consumers are endowed with the capacity of accessing a wide alley of goods at the best prices in the market. In addition, this industry also plays a vital role in the provision of a substantial share of employment and outputs in different countries around the world.

This phenomenon is best epitomized in the USA whereby in the year 2010, this industry accounted for 13.4% of employment (14.7 million workers) as well as 6.1% of value-added as a share of the U. S gross domestic product ($884.9 billion) (Reisman & Vu, 2012, p. 1). In addition, it is also imperative to note that amid diverse challenges in diverse regions of the globe like natural disasters and the global financial slump in 2008, different scholars have cited that the supermarket retail industry has recorded substantial growth in the recent past, with these outlets being no longer regarded as places where only the wealthy shop.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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