Essays on Hilton Hotel Web Site In Australia and ACCOR Hotel In Australia Website Coursework

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The paper "Hilton Hotel Web Site In Australia and ACCOR Hotel In Australia Website" is a good example of coursework on business. Corporation of Hilton Hotels is a top hospitality firm that owns, franchises, and manages more than 2000 hotels across the world. The international arm of the company, Conrad Hotels, has a presence in Australia, Ireland, England, Belgium, Egypt, Hong Kong, Turkey, and Singapore. Although traded publicly, the chain was for the long period dominated by management of Hilton family members beginning in 1919 where the pioneer Hilton Conrad acquired his first hotel.

Hilton managed to run a globe chain of premium hotels by the late 1940s. In late 1960, Conrad sold its global operations and focused more on the management of franchising and contracts. The organization established arrangements of an innovative joint venture that turned out to be the standard practice of the industry. The company stretched to the gaming industry and in 1989, gaming offered 44% of the income of the company. Hilton Barron delegated everyday chain management to Bollenbach Stephen in 1996. Currently, Hilton runs several hotels in Australia which include; Hilton Adelaide hotel, Hilton Brisbane, Hilton Cairns hotel, Hilton Melbourne International Airport, Hilton Melbourne South Wharf, Hilton on the Park Melbourne, Parmelia Hilton Perth hotel, Hilton Surfers Paradise Residences, and Hilton Sydney (HHonor Hilton WorldWide).

Hilton has remained as the most recognized brand in the industry with its forward-thinking and stylish in hospitality. Accor is a leading hospitality company with more than 4,000 hotels in 85 nations across the globe. It offers hotels in all sorts, from budget-priced Formula 1 to the five-star Sofitel chain, Ibis in Europe, Etap, and Mercure and midrange Novotel in Asia/Pacific and Europe region.

The group also offers its globally based clients food services (hotel and employee vouchers), onboard services of the railway (dining and sleeping berths), and casinos. By the year 1986, the revenue of Accor hit approximately $ 2 billion with $ 32 million being net profits. Novotel maintained its position as highly profitable with hotels in 31 nations while Sofitel encountered a high competition in the market of a luxury hotel. In 2000, Accor opened a maximum of 254 new hotels with 12 Sofitels included (AccorHotels).

The firm also launched Accorhotels. com as its first website, providing online booking and information that hit the top of 12 million users in the same year. Definition images The perception of individuals acquires about a company when they come across the name of the company is very important. Image of a business is made up of an infinite variety of advertising, facts, organizational history, goals, and events that combine to make an impression on the public. The importance of having a well-defined image is to match the targeted market.

It is also vital to define the image as closely as possible. In the definition of business image, it is important to identify the qualities to be associated with as a company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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