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Essays on Comparisons between Online Shopping and Traditional Shopping Behavior Exploring Foreign Students Satisfaction about Smartphone in the UK Research Proposal

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The paper “ Comparisons between Online Shopping and Traditional Shopping Behavior Exploring Foreign Students’ Satisfaction about Smartphone in the UK” is an  affecting example of a research proposal on marketing. Online shopping is a kind of electronic commerce in which the consumers buy goods and services from the source through the internet in the absence of an intermediary service. These shops are referred to as E-store, Online shop, E-shop, Internet shop, Webstore, Virtual store and Online store. There are two common kinds of online shopping: business-to-consumer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) online shopping. There are high volumes of websites that provide online shopping websites, for example, Yahoo, Amazon, and eBay all presented in an integrated navigation framework.

A collection of many e-Stores is known as online marketplaces or virtual shopping malls. The online shopping stores are preferred than traditional shops especially by foreign students in the UK. The study is aimed to discover whether the above hypothesis is true. Statement of the problemWith the increased activities in the learning institutions as well as the rapid changes in the lifestyle of young people especially in the United Kingdom, the marketing techniques are advancing to meet the expectations of the students in the UK.

It is therefore assumed that these young people are opting for the online shopping instead of the traditional system of shopping facilitated by the diverse use of iPhones. This study is investigating the comparison between the systems of shopping and the most preferred by the foreign students. Research objectivesGeneralThe general objective of the study is to find the comparisons between online and traditional shopping behavior through the exploration of foreign student’ s satisfaction with the smartphone in the UK. SpecificThere are a number of specific objectives that will guide the attainment of the aims and goals of the research work.

These include: To understand whether or not foreign students consider online or traditional shopping To identify whether or not foreign students in the UK shop online The determine the major services which are bought by the consumers in both traditional and online shopping To find out the motivation influencing the shopping post-purchase behavior of people in the UK Literature review Tim Berners- Lee created the first World Wide server and browser which was later opened for commercial use the following year.

In 1994 much advancement like online banking and an online pizza shop by Pizza Hut were implemented. German company Intershop also introduced its online system of shopping. The other marketers like Amazon and eBay launched their online shops later. All the students are active and heavy users of the internet thus any activity taking place online has become part of their lifestyle. In the UK, college students spent most of their money online than any other demographic group. The foreign students spend their holidays making money to spend when they resume their semesters (Falk, Sockel & Chen, 2005). The higher levels of education, occupation of the head of household and income in The United Kingdom correspond positively to the perceptions of this form of shopping.

The increased exposure to technology with the increase in the number of computers and other internet accessory devices has facilitated the development of favorable perceptions of these new channels of shopping (Palmer, 2007). In December last year, the study of Equation Research found that 87% of tablet users were most interested in online shopping especially during the early season of their holiday.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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