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The paper "The Recruitment Consultant, Human Resources Assistant, Computer Support Technician" is a perfect example of a management report.   Job Description: Under the direction of the Director of Human Resources, this position is responsible for seeking out the prospective candidates for the job within their client company and deciding which one would be best suited (on a permanent or temporary basis) for the position at hand. They are tasked with working with the client company in order to understand and define the requirements and needs of their recruitment process. They advertise for vacancies through drafting advertisements for use over a wide range of media, as well as through referrals, networking, ‘ cold calling’ and ‘ headhunting’ .

Other responsibilities of the recruitment consultant include matching candidates to the clients by employing the latter’ s candidate databases; requesting candidate references as well as conducting background checks on them before handing over their details to the client company; receiving the application and reviewing them; helping applicants get ready for their interviews; organizing and overseeing interviews as well as creating candidate shortlists; advising the candidates on the positions’ requirements and benefits; informing candidates about the results of their interviews; negotiating pay between the candidate and their employer; advising the client on salary rates (aka OTE- On Target Earnings) and the candidate on career progression; ensuring that the client is appropriately billed for services rendered (Employment and Social Development Canada, 2006). Qualifications and Training Requirements: A University degree in any field is acceptable for this position; although it is advantageous to have qualifications in psychology, the management or business studies.

Experience in sales, marketing, administrative and personnel work is beneficial. Experience appropriate to the recruitment field, as well as within the fields of law and accountancy is also important.

This position requires individuals with the following skills: commercial awareness; confidence; energetic; strong organizational skills; excellent verbal and presentation skills; strong ability to isolate the root of problems and offer appropriate and timely solutions (Employment and Social Development Canada, 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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