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COMPETING IN THE GLOBAL MARKETPLACE-Case of Walt Disney al Affiliation) Socio-cultural Differences factors for Walt Disney Overseas Expansion. This refers to the various beliefs, values, behavior, and way of interaction among specific groups of people in different countries. Countries differ in many aspects that affect Walt Disney marketing strategies in such places (Risch, 2011). Firstly, the company has to consider issues influencing people in various countries. Culture will dictate what people like and dislike. The company has to identify all these issues and package their service offering according to the needs of every particular group.

Thus, the company invests into analyzing the culture of the country of interest so influence peoples behavior. This takes time and lot of money to accomplish. The company has also had to deal with the social classes in different countries (Risch, 2011). This is largely determined by income level, wealth, and level of education of the people in these countries. This affects their buying behavior. Thus, the company has been forced to tailor their marketing activities and their products according to such social classes. Finally, Walt Disney has been forced to consider the influence of reference groups in every of these countries.

These individuals play a role in forming people’s attitude and behavior towards the products (Risch, 2011). The company might have to be forced to include such people in company’s marketing strategies to appeal to the locals. Ethics in paying U. S. Employees Relocated Overseas differently from Local Employees It is fair to pay the US employees in foreign countries differently from the local employees. An employee in a foreign land is bound to have to endure a different working environment away from home.

The US employees in this case would have to incur more money in relocation and travelling expenses. For instance, they pay for air tickets to travel back to home country see their families (Kaynak, 2006). Foreign employees also face other situations such as adapting to a new country that could be totally different from their home country. They would be required to learn new language and other elements such as new laws and regulations in these countries. All these takes effort, time, and money thus the need to be put into consideration while designing such employees pay plan.

The foreign employees will also have to cope with staying for long without seeing their families and friends. This can have a negative psychological impact on employees and should as well be considered (Kaynak, 2006). On the other hand, the local employees do not encounter such troubles. However, they should be made aware of the reasons why their foreign counterparts enjoy allowances they do not receive themselves. American Fast-food restaurants in Disney Parks Overseas It would not be a good idea to open American fast food restaurants in Disney parks oversees selling the same kind of food sold in the U. S parks.

This would be against the marketing strategies that are formulated to adapt to different market place. The people in these countries are set to have varying tastes and preferences in terms of what is served in such restaurants. The people may end up with a negative attitude towards the company and its product if such home products do not appeal to locals (Ferraro 2012).

Selling some types of foods might end up creating the wrong publicity for the company. This is if their products offering violate the beliefs of the local people. For instance, it is against Muslims religion if restaurant offered pork in their menu. Therefore, the restaurant should avoid offering anything that infringes into locals cultural, personal, or psychological factors, just because it is acceptable in US (Ferraro, 2012). Additionally these oversee restaurants should try to incorporate local food and drinks into their menu.

This is important in winning people’s trust. People are naturally resistant to change especially if that it is unexpected (Ferraro, 2012). Thus, selling the local and carefully selected foreign foods simultaneously will give fast food restaurants in Disney parks a competitive edge References Ferraro, L. (2012, 05 10). Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. Retrieved from Disney Corporate: http: //corporate. disney. go. com/news/parks_resorts/exe_bios/leslieferraro. html Kaynak, E. (2006). Strategic Global Marketing: Issues and Trends. NewYork: Routledge. Risch, B . (2011, 05 18). Socio-Cultural Problems faced by Disney Walt in Overseas Markets. Retrieved from Scholary Research Articles: http: //scholarly-articles-research. blogspot. com/2011/05/socio-cultural-problems-faced-by-disney. html

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