Essays on Competition through Operations Strategy at Giovannis and Bellinis Italiano Park Place Case Study

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The paper "Competition through Operations Strategy at Giovannis and Bellinis Italiano Park Place" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Securing a market niche for a business can be very challenging and may take a long time before the business rises to compete with the pinnacle performers in any industry. However, once a business succeeds in creating a reputable and well-known image for itself, it will do all it can to ensure that it stays at the top. Paley (2006) advises that establishing long array plans and strategies are steps that are pertinent in ensuring that a business creates and maintains competitive advantage.

Some of these strategies, as suggested by Valadani and Arbore (2013) include the formulation of long term goals and objectives, a company’ s dedicated plans and actions to understand prevailing conditions and expected changes in the marketplace, and establishing strategies that will distinguish a business from its direct and indirect competitors (Slack and Lewis, 2011). All decisions made by the business must therefore support the above objectives. The research conducted here is exploratory research aimed at identifying how the restaurants in Park Place (Cardiff) compete through their operations.

A brief literature review concerning the topic under discussion shall also be presented. Competitive strategies adopted by different restaurants as their competitive strategies shall also be discussed. A conclusion shall thereafter be drawn which shall summarize the findings from this work and also highlight limitations that shall be realized from this study. In this work, the new company (restaurant) to be established in Park Place will be referred to as “ The Dine-In” . 1.2 Literature reviewMuch has been said pertaining to means, ways and methods that can be adopted by a business in order to succeed.

Much has also been suggested on how businesses can outdo their competitors by adopting suitable operations strategy. Operations strategies were first used in the periods between the late 1970s and early 1980s when the Americans were afraid that the Japanese companies would take over the customers and market due to their popularity (Wiley. Com, 2001).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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