Essays on StilSim's Need in Database Management Systems to Ensure That the Clients Are Perfectly Served Case Study

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The paper “ StilSim’ s Need in Database Management Systems to Ensure That the Clients Are Perfectly Served" is a   cogent example of a case study on management. Personnel in the workplace play an important role in ensuring that the organization is adequately prepared to meet the client’ s expectations. In the current employment market, there exists a mix of a qualified and diverse workforce making it difficult to pinpoint the worker that will fit the needs of the company. Successful companies, however, invest in personnel agencies to ensure that they have the right personnel for the job that is being offered in the market.

StilSim is such an organization that specializes in ensuring that organizations get the workers that they need in their company. The company’ s reputation has been built on its ability to cater to employment needs for a number of the company. The company which was set up 25 years ago has adapted to deal with challenges that have affected its ability to make a profit. The business has been affected by the current industrial treads which have to lead to the reduction of profitability by the organization.

The reduced business has necessitated the use of a strategic business plan that will enable the organization to regain its profitability. The business plan will be related to increasing the number of customers through attractive business packages that will see the company rise above its competition. The first step in the strategic plan is evaluating the cost to the company of attracting quality workers. These costs include interview costs and any additional costs. Once the right staff has been incorporated into the database, the organization can match the workers with the available vacancies easily (McFadden, Hoffer & McFadden, 1991). Deviation from conventional operating procedures will enable StilSim to have a competitive edge over its competition in the market.

Having a steady flow of ready workers will enable the company to serve its clients as quickly as possible. The customers of the company who are the ready workers and the employer company will ensure that StilSim maintains its market share in the competitive business. Continuously updating the database will also ensure that the workers the company can supply to member companies are available within the shortest time possible.

The company thus creates a culture of reliability which is good for business Vasta & Vasta, 1989). The problem faced by StilSim is the rapidly changing market needs that make the business less profitable. The company has to constantly update their database to ensure that the clients are adequately served. A company has to be innovative to ensure that it survives in the competitive market. Strategic planning such as updating the database constantly to ensure that the workers available in the database are available ensures that the organization is reliable.

A reliable company will attract more customers and building on this reputation will ensure that the company enjoys a loyal client following. Having a loyal client base in the competitive market will ensure that the company stays ahead of its competition at all times. Implementation of this strategy will ensure that the industrial treads favor StilSim allowing it to make more sales than its competition.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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