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The paper "ANL Shipping Company - Cause and Effect Analysis" is a great example of a marketing case study.   ANL is a shipping company that specializes in moving any products from almost any place globally to just about any location. The company is driven by exclusive principles spearheaded by award-winning customer service, modern and efficient IT systems and competitive attitude to help in providing exceptional services. ANL offers shipping services to global destinations with extensive coverage in North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand, Australia and Mediterranean. ANL through its subsidiaries, ANL logistics, carry out landside services and customized logistics solutions which are tailored to ensure efficiency in the supply chain.

Another affiliation is the ANL Container Hire & Sales that deals with a broad collection of domestic and international containers that are sold or rented within Papua New Guinea and Australia. ANL has a major focus on the environment for its office operations, containers, and vessels. We also offer container tracking services. The customers targeted by ANL are the type of people who know what they want. ANL customers are People who bear the wishes of effective service without having to face mediocre insufficiencies.

ANL targets customers that are conscious about the environment and are willing to go green. The services provided by ANL are not exclusive to anyone but loyal customers will always be put into consideration. The Customers ANL targets are the people who want goods ferried to and from the locations affiliated to us globally. The goods will be ferried according to the laws of the land and an ensured safety until receipt. Another group of customers targeted are individuals and organizations who want to buy or hire containers for transport or other uses.

ANL Logistics provides the answers to the logistics needs of its customers'. This is done through a variety of strategic alliances. ANL Logistics delivers end-to-end services throughout the whole supply chain. Our commitment as a team is to tailor solutions so as to enhance your supply chain. ANL competitors include other shipping and logistics companies, not just locally but globally as they do pose as options for the customer base we target. Other competitors include the brokers who get shipping containers and sell them. 2.

Cause and Effect Analysis The customer by the name of Christopher Walker Enterprises launched a complaint through their purchasing officer Christopher Walker Jr. The complaint was on the basis that they had placed an order on 9th October 2015, through ANL but the services were delivered in shoddy ways (Burrow, 2002). Mr. Walker complained that consignment that had originated from china and was ferried to them through ANL shipping services, had irregularities in terms of quantity and the pricing. The customer complained that the invoice was inflated and it did not compare fairly to the earlier stated agreement.

The client also stated delays in the deliveries and the pricing too. We got back to the client as soon as possible and explained the reasons for the insufficiency to which we apologized for it. We eventually carried out in-depth research and found out several causes for the said problem experienced by the client (Hoang, 2010).


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