Essays on Crisis Management Plan and Media Strategy for a Small Business Assignment

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The paper 'Crisis Management Plan and Media Strategy for a Small Business' is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. The crisis is termed as situational trouble in the organization which will result in coverage of public concern and has probable damage to public relations. This plan addresses the process of Crisis Management Planning (CMP) and implementation without merely the absence of media and communication strategy. CMP involves hazard identification, creation of Crisis Management Team, and setting of stakeholders. This comprehends the effective methods of reacting to the situations in the organization, in this case, severe allergy caused by medication. The main objective of this plan is to establish the right strategy to deal with the unpredictable crisis (severe allergy caused by medication) in Yanssel Delgado Company.

Cancel Delgado is the president of the company and he has been looking forward to integrating such kind of plan into the organization structure. The plan defines the roles played and duties assigned to various individuals in the crisis management team. It is also designed in such a manner that the decisions made by the CM team conquer the decision-making chain of command of the company.

However, the decisions that pertain this situation are definite because it requires contribution from a range of stakeholders. The CMP that will be developed describes key staff members and their steward. It recommends regular upgrades of skills by training and development of staff involved in the team. Apart from developing a plan, the report also guides the procedure of the successful implementation of the plan. This involves four crucial steps which are implemented chronologically. Company Profile Cancel Delgado Company is located in Hialeah, in Florida City.

It is a private health organization that was founded in the year 2009 and it has 3 years of business in the market at the moment. It is owned by Yanssel Delgado who is also the principal in the company. Currently, the company serves the market with health practitioners who have nature in the following fields; Podiatric Foot Surgeons Medical officers (Podiatric Doctors), and Ankle Surgeons. The company is currently served by seven employees (including doctors) who work in the fields mentioned above. All the employees are protected by the insurance cover; however, the company needs to incorporate a crisis management plan on severe allergic reactions caused by medication to reduce the incidence of risk which may alter the performance of employees.

Besides, the danger associated with this peril needs to be effectively communicated to the ‘ probable’ audience of risk (i. e, doctors handling these drugs) thus a media strategy should be developed and implemented as well. In developing a crisis management plan, the company should consider the following four basic components that will fully address a good plan for an unexpected disaster; The level of preparedness to the type of risk Stakeholders Effective mechanism during the approach, and The whole system will make up the plan. In most cases, a successful plan allows a contribution from everybody in the organization so that everyone feels inclusive in the plan.

In this case, therefore, the plan will select all the seven employees as part of the crisis management team who will develop a comprehensive plan.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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