Essays on Computer Espionage Assignment

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The paper "Computer Espionage" is a perfect example of an assignment on information technology. There are different steps that any organization can take to reduce the possibility of its data being infiltrated. While these steps may not completely prevent any theft of information assets by various sources, they drastically reduce the chances of this taking place. In the first place, the company in question should seek to ensure that it has recognized and categorized all confidential data. What can be identified as confidential information may include workers' records systems and consumer information systems such as account numbers, personal identification numbers, security numbers, and credit card numbers?

The next step is to ensure that the present information flows are closely examined, and a risk assessment is performed. The organization should also establish what will be considered to be the appropriate channels of usage and access, and determine policies regarding information distribution, which will be regularly checked by an enforcement system (Carr 61). The organization can then establish a system that allows it to be able to monitor the progress of this risk analysis project on a regular basis.   Mutually assured destruction is descriptive of any severe damage that Superpower nations inflict on each other.

The weapon used to inflict this damage would be of nuclear origin. Cyberwar cannot be said to be an asset that could be used in mutually assured destruction because it does not follow conventional practices of war. The activation of enemy viruses is not something that would result in mushroom clouds, double light flashes, and the large scale dissemination of radiation. Furthermore, cyber warfare need not be engaged in by only superpowers (Carr 67).

Ordinary computer technicians from nations all over the world are the individuals who periodically unleash viruses on definite institutions or nations. Cyberwarfare is, as it would seem, an equal opportunity employer that could result in the destruction or interference of systems belonging to any civilian or nation in the world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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