Essays on Computer Security Assignment

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AbstractThese days, many organizations have adopted the use of computer for storing of information and as means of communication. For example, the use of electronic mails. This method is very effective as it is more efficient and secure. Due to the increased use of computer in the communication and storage of information, there has been a need to protect this information from other users who might interfere with the content. Therefore, when designing a computer system in an organization a security system should be well chosen for the safety of sensitive information in the organization.

Nowadays this has not been a major problem due to the advancement of security systems that has been very effective in data protection. They range from; Use of passwords- this hinders anyone from accessing into the computer apart from the authorized user who can use their password to log in. This is a common method to many systems and helps to ensure that no one uses the computer without the consent of the authorized user. So, files kept in the computer system are not at risk of being altered or deleted. Some records should be made to be' read only' such that people who accesses them accidentally cannot make any changes on them.

This can be enhanced by also putting a password on such files such that anyone who wants to view their content have to use the password to be allowed an access to them. Some organizations that deal with very sensitive information such as the military and the FBI should also use more advanced means of data protection. This can be achieved by incorporating other extra methods of data security.

This can be through the use of encryption. This method enhances the content of the files such that anyone who access them will not be able to interpret its meaning. They can also make use of the audit trail system, which helps in analysing the history of all the actions performed in the system and will help to know when the information in the computer is being altered unofficially. In more advanced system for example, those connected to the internet hacker- monitored system should be adapted to detect when information in the system is been tapped.

The best security system that offers maximum security of information is the use of smart card and biometrics. Anti-virus programs should also be installed to ensure that computers are not attacked by viruses, which might replicate, delete and important files in the system or crash the system leading to the loss of information. IntroductionThe security of computer system has been an issue of concern since early 1940s. During those eras security of computer was achieved by the use of heavy door lockers, which were not easy to master or break through.

But due to the advancement of computer technology more sophisticated means of computer security were needed to ensure the safety and security of computer systems, since the prevailing methods could not curb the problem of data hacking through the networks.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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