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The paper "Defining Diverse Work" is a wonderful example of a literature review on management. In a team-based organization, the basic unit is the primary work team. These are also referred to as self-directed work teams. In an organization that is team-based, primary work teams are dominant and all the basic work in the organization is carried out by the primary work team. This primary work team is made up of members who because of their particular skills and talents help the team to undertake and carry out its work. In this team, the members work together as a unit over a long period of time.

Members of a primary work team should have a common purpose, a similar method of working, skills which complement yet overlap each other and the members should be mutually accountable to each other. The members of these teams also need to be multiskilled, so as to help and take over from an individual team member as and when the need arises. Some of the examples of primary work teams in the hospitals are patient care teams, specialty team in operation theatres, and trauma team in the emergency department.

(http: //books. google. com/books? id=QESsW4TaEDAC& pg=PA111& lpg=PA111& dq=primary+work+teams+health& source=web& ots=AJkgeF5uH8& sig=9Tyafb_Ox5vWY-O8hf3ZIWzcodM#PPA111,M1) Extended Teams In Health Services, the extended team is being touted as a way of achieving good quality and well co-coordinated health care outside of hospitals. This team however has 2 no legal or organizational standing. Despite this, the role played by such a team is of invaluable assistance to a patient and hence should be made to work despite all the problems encountered. This team is made up of not just the general practitioners and practice nurses but of community nurses, palliative nurses, midwives and therapists like occupational, speech, physio, etc.

Here the general practitioner plays the dominant role in diagnosis but care and support are delivered by the nurses and therapists who are in a majority in the team. Extended teams help in the care of patients with advanced disease or in supporting children at risk. Hence there has to be a lot of co-operation between team members and also the sharing of information. (http: //www. bmj. com/cgi/reprint/317/7158/579.pdf) Defining Diverse Work Teams perform best when their work includes entire processes or functions. Hence a team’ s work should include all the necessary activities and responsibilities, and not just a small part, such that the entire work process belongs to the team.

To achieve this each team must perform a diverse set of activities that goes beyond the confines of a single department. This allows the team to have greater autonomy and control as the team does not have to rely on an outsider. Diverse work within a team allows it to perform better as there is increased job satisfaction. Hence ensuring that each team has a diverse pool of work, enables it to work   3 to its full capacity and consistently.

(http: //books. google. com/books? id=QESsW4TaEDAC& pg=PA111& lpg=PA111)& dq=primary+work+teams+health& source=web& ots=AJkgeF5uH8& sig=9Tyafb_Ox5vWY-O8hf3ZIWzcodM#PPA111,M1)


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