Essays on Foundations of Event Management - Adelaide Fringe Case Study

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The paper 'Foundations of Event Management - Adelaide Fringe " is a good example of a management case study. Adelaide Fringe is an arts festival that occurs annually, and it is the world's second-largest. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Adelaide Fringe is the largest. (Spoehr, 2009)The event is taking place in the Southern Australian capital of Adelaide. In the months of February and March, 4000 artist from the world and around Australia features in the event for 24 days and nights. More than 900 events are usually staged in warehouses, lane-ways and building not used and established arenas like theaters, art galleries, hotels, and cafes.

The event consists of work in art forms like comedy, circus, dance, film, theater, music, puppetry, visual art, and design. It always begins with opening night celebrations that are free comprising a street parade in the city center and partying at various venues. (McDonald, 2010). In Adelaide's calendar, a period known as ‘ mad March' by locals, the A Adelaide Fringe is always accompanied by WOMADelaide. Symphony under the stars and Clipsal 500 are other events during this period. The Adelaide Fringe is managed by the A Adelaide Fringe Board.

Adelaide Festival and the Fringe are separate entities, with intents and philosophies that are different. Artist from all over the globe engages in the event alongside talents that are homegrown in all the arts. A variety of vast performances can be seen as the A Adelaide Fringe does not search for events that form part of the Fringe program. It is an open festival hence anyone can perform. The event was inaugurated in 1960. Carols by Candlelight is an Australian Christmas event that is annually held.

It has its origin in southern Australia in the 19the century. It was made popular in Melbourne in the year 1938 by Norman Banks. (Clifford, 2002). Norman Banks was a radio broadcaster with the then Melbourne radio station 3KZ. As he walked home, he wondered how many people were due to spend Christmas alone as he had seen a senior woman sitting in her bed listening to a Christmas song play over the road. The face of the woman lit by candlelight. He then had the idea to gather people in large groups to sing carols together with candlelight.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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