Essays on International Marketing Strategy of Bulla Dairy Case Study

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The paper "International Marketing Strategy of Bulla Dairy" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Marketing is one of the vital and critical components of any organization (Shankar and Carpenter, 2012). Lack of proper and effective marketing will make it impossible for any company to reach its consumer around the world in this competitive global environment (Ferrel and Hartline, 2014). The main purpose of this article is to study the marketing environment and strategy of Bulla Dairy. It will highlight the marketing mix of the company and will compare it with that of the competitors.

The paper will also provide recommendations for Bulla Dairy that will improve its marketing mix for the company to boost its competitive advantage. Company Description Bulla Dairy Foods is a company established in Australia that is involved in the manufacturing of dairy products including ice cream, frozen yogurt, and cottage cheese, cream to name a few. It was established in 1910 and has grown over the years. For five generations, the company has taken part in manufacturing dairy foods that serve the needs of its customers in Australia and around the world (Bulla Dairy, 2012).

The business of Bulla is still engaged in making premium quality dairy products. The business name changed in 2003 from being called Regal Cream to Bulla Dairy. Currently, the company carries out its business through three manufacturing points in Victoria. Two of the sites are found in the town of Colac and the third site is found in Melbourne. Bulla Dairy today has more than 600 staff located in the three sites.   The company is in the business of making a large number of branded and non-branded dairy products including export markets and retail service (Bulla Dairy, 2012).

The company is termed as the leading producer of yogurt and ice-cream in Australia. Bulla Dairy has acquired the license for producing, distributing, and marketing of Cadbury range of products. In packaging its products, the company uses flexible and cardboard cartons. In addition, Bulla Dairy sells and distributes its products under two major brands and sub-brands (Bulla Dairy, 2012).


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