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The paper "Ford Motor Company of Australia Limited " is a great example of a Marketing Research Paper. Ford Australia is engaged in producing Ford Falcon, a product that is exported to New Zealand and South Africa. Falcon is designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia making up a local content of about 85%. Research and development facilities located at Geelong, Lara, and Broadmeadows pursues the task of designing and engineering Falcon. Technologically, Ford Australia is linked with other corporate facilities in Japan, Europe, and North America to facilitate effective manufacturing. Moreover, the company is continuously enhancing its brand through product development strategy and the use of new computer programs. In an article by Beissmann (2011), Ford’ s intention to lay off its 240 workforces in Victoria and also reduce production by 20% was driven by deteriorating demand for locally manufactured Ford vehicles especially Falcon sedan.

Beissmann (para 4) reiterated that the sales level of Falcon had reduced by 40%. The researcher further stated that the sales level of Falcon had consistently fallen from a high of 73,220 in 2003 to 33,941 in 2007 and even down to 30,000 in 2010.

Other ford products like Falcon Ute and Territory follow suit. Problem / Opportunity A marketing problem facing Ford Australia product is the deteriorating market share as consumers resort to imported models. This has caused a slump in Ford sales as consumers go for small imports. Bridie (2007) confirmed that demand for imported vehicles was increasing consequently taking over close to 80% market share in Australia. HoldonBarina, an imported product, managed to register the best sales figure. To outwit the competitor, Ford must make use of the indigenous aspect of Ford and persuade consumers to buy the product. In the advertising strategy, Ford introduced the slogan “ Go Further” (Spinks 2012).

Apart from taking the brand to the global level, this slogan has been very instrumental in overcoming consumer restraint and doubt with respect to the quality and performance of Ford cars. Whilst the slogan targeted company employees, it also persuaded customers to taste the quality of Ford. Previously, Australian Ford deployed “ drive one and feel the difference” campaigns, which motivated customers to buy a Ford product and compare it with competitors in the market.

Aside from the campaigns, Ford Australia carries out commercials in conjunction with Focus. The intention of these commercials is to highlight the advantages of Ford products over other competitors. By conducting research on Ford market, a marketer will be able to deduce areas that need improvements. Specifically, this research will seek to change the psychological orientation of Australia Ford consumers such that they are able to see Ford as a good product. The symptom of the current Ford Problem is the diminishing sales level of the product.

The second symptom is a fuel-sensitive consumer’ s tendency to favor small and fuel-efficient imported cars. This has led to an increased market share of imported vehicles, which is catastrophic to domestic products including Ford. By undertaking this researcher, a marketer will be able to derive ways of becoming a market leader in the Australian automotive industry that is facing a strong rivalry.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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