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inserts his/her Confront the brutal truth The time when I was confronted with the brutal truth was when I had to take the exam for Math during my illness and I knew I required a very high passing score which was unattainable given my expertise at the subject. I was, therefore, facing the Stockdale Paradox whereby I had to confront the brutal truth that I had to prepare for the exam in little as well as maintain unwavering faith that I will secure a passing grade. My approach towards learning Math had been somewhat different compared to peers.

I would always postpone learning for the exam till the end which would almost always result in a lower grade. Furthermore, the situation demanded that I prepare for the final examination within a month as I had been severely unwell before that. This was the moment when I was confronted with the brutal truth and did not lose faith as I knew I had to survive and prevail at the end. Therefore, I decided to obtain tutoring from a well-known Math instructor and invested my time in those after-school classes even if it meant sacrificing my sports class.

Not only did I take up tutoring for Math but also ensured that I devoted at least an hour in practising various sums and exercises. In this process I sought assistance from my colleagues and engaged in group study to alter my conventional approach of rote learning concepts. With my unwavering faith, the outcome was highly favourable and I was able to secure a passing grade which, otherwise, would have been impossible to achieve.

However, I would not attribute this improvement to overnight success; rather, it was a series of efforts including my attempt to increase the time I devoted to the practising of mathematical problems as well as obtaining tutoring. Therefore, I did not rely merely on external agents (my tutor) to achieve transformational results (a passing grade at Math), but intrinsically motivated myself to change my attitude towards the subject ( by not rote learning the formulae).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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