Essays on Lean Culture for the Construction Industry by Santorella Book Report/Review

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The paper "Lean Culture for the Construction Industry by Santorella" is a good example of a book review on engineering and construction. Gary Santorella intended to examine thoroughly the usage of Lean programs in the construction sector (Santorella, 2010). This examination entailed tackling employee challenges in terms of performance and wastes by using behavioral psychology ideologies at both deliberate and tactical levels. Santorella also wanted to draw a link between their ways of construction experts serve as leaders and their ways their mindsets and behavior influence performance and waste on a daily basis (Santorella, 2010).

The book intends to enlarge the idea of morals past the simple litmus assessment of good and bad. The author believes this purpose should enable group leaders to undertake formal and subtle mindsets and behaviors toward the application of the Lean enhancements. Opinion I think the book is a decent introduction to the Lean philosophy in an industrial setting. The book can assist a construction company to function as a group rather than competing members. This way, the organization can raise its output significantly simply by concentrating on processing data and using resources more proficiently.

I will look forward to developing and strengthening a construction project within several weeks. I think this book would enable me to enforce the Lean culture in my group. It is important for construction project participants to be hands-on and straightforward. I can use the cases and narration is present in the book to emphasize chief points and concepts about being practical and straightforward to my project group. As a result, I should avoid poorly designed organizational constructs, ambiguous roles and duties, and unsettled interpersonal disputes.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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