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The paper "Sblended Company Marketing Framework" is an outstanding example of a business assignment. The Sblended Company deals with the production of liquid milk products. Among the liquid milk products it produces includes the milkshake, ice cream and liquid fresh milk. The company’ s major market is the European countries majors the United Kingdom. This form of market is well versed economically. This together with the demand for milk products give the company better sales than companies dealing in other industries. However, certain factors such as competition and the flooding of the market by other milk-producing companies play is a major role in set backing the company.

However, several steps are necessary for increasing the performance of the company. This includes administering effective advertisements of the milkshake with an aim of increasing the popularity of the brand name. The UK market is well-diversified and one of the major in the world. The fact that most of the customers and the general population consider milk as a safe beverage also increases the market for the milkshake. Market analysis entails studying the market for a given product by analyzing the merits, demerits and possible changes the market may face in future times.

The market for products in the United Kingdom is rather diverse and dynamic. The milk market in the country recorded revenue of $5.2bn in the year 2012. However, just as the market, the revenue is rather dynamic, varying depending on various factors. Depending on the weather conditions and the season, the production and consumption of milk vary considerably. High production of milk products is recorded in both summer and autumn seasons.

The main concerns of the farmer as far as production of milk and selling their products to the market is the variability of milk products. The Davenport report states the clear outline of obtaining the next big offer for a given organization. Every given organization strives to satisfy its customers so as to maintain its place in the market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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