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The paper "Factors That Influenced Consumers Choice of Mobile Phones" is a brilliant example of a term paper on marketing. In the world of business, the main factor that affects the economy and the selling and buying of goods are the consumers. They play a critical role in ensuring the goods that are provided in the market are consumed as expected by the producers. However, the most essential factor that determines the purchase of goods by consumers is based on their behaviors. In this case, there are a variety of factors that define the consumers of mobile phones.

With the increase in the number of phones with stylish trends, consumers tend to upgrade their phones every now and again (Nagel, 2003). This is to ensure that, they are in the same line with the changing market for the phones. There are so many factors that determine the kind of phone that a consumer would purchase from a mobile phone shop. The availability of online buying has also presented consumers with a clear view of the phones that they would choose. Hence, the consumers survey the mobile phone market and then, get to choose the kind of phone that would suit them at all perspectives.

The factors that are often looked at when wanting to buy a phone include; the type of screen, storage size, Phone and plan total costs, value, data, operating system, contract duration and camera (Riquelme, 2001). Thus, depending on the qualities that a consumer is looking for in a phone, he /she would purchase to satisfy his interests. In this report, the phone that would be looked at are; BlackBerry Bold 9900, iPhone 4S 16GB Black, BlackBerry curve 9320, HTC Desire C Black, Samsung Galaxy S III 16GB White and iPhone 5 16GB White.

The plans would include; Vodafone, Telstra, and Optus. Thus, consumers are affected by their personality traits and in this case, this report shall look at the two types of personality traits which include; introverts and extroverts. The demographic factors are also crucial especially when looking at the varied interests. Analysis of Choices From the above-recorded data, it is evident that the choice of mobile phones and plans is dependent on a variety of factors.

These factors are attributed to the behavior of the consumers, in terms of their interests, wants and needs. In this case, the varied factors define the kind of mobile phone and plan that one would choose to buy. Due to the changing market of mobile phones market and the rising competition among the producers, the phones change every now and again, and technology has subsequently contributed to the high purchase of phones in the market. This is because every individual around the world want to be updated about the new trend in the market and this would go for the latest and most convenient phones in the market.

The youth is said to be driven by the brands and affordability of the phones.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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