Essays on Consumer Affairs: Wal-Mart, Disney, and Saturn Coursework

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The paper "Consumer Affairs: Wal-Mart, Disney, and Saturn" is an outstanding example of coursework on business. Complaints against Wal-Mart According to the complaints posted by consumers on the independent complaints website Consumer Affairs, it can be inferred that a number of consumers are not satisfied with the service of Wal-Mart. According to one of the complaints, the customer had to face disappointment because no one from the staff helped him out with his queries. According to another customer, the staff did not have knowledge regarding the products available at Wal-Mart, therefore, he could not find the product he was looking for.

Therefore, the company should conduct training for its staff in order to enable the staff to satisfy the customers (ConsumerAffairs. com). Complaints against DisneyAccording to the complaints posted on an independent website by consumers, it can be inferred that Disney does not treat its customers empathetically. There have been complaints against the Disney cruise by a number of customers. According to one of the customers, he booked a cruise and received a booklet only to find out the dates were incorrect. When he called to find out the problem, he was told that there could be no modifications and the charges to cancel the booking was unusually high.

Therefore, Disney should revise its policies to make them consumer-friendly (ConsumerAffairs. com). Complaints against SaturnSaturn is a popular car but there have also been complaints about it by a number of consumers on an independent complaints website. According to one of the consumers, the key got stuck in the ignition and the consumer was unable to turn down the engine. According to the consumer, the same problem was faced by a number of other consumers as well.

Another problem had to face a problem with starting the car in cold or damn mornings. Similarly, other problems faced by consumers were locking of the ignition switch, problem with door locks, and automatic acceleration. Therefore, the company should initiate quality control procedures in order to ensure that the vehicles do not have any problem. The company should also conduct a survey in order to realize the main problems faced by the consumers (ConsumerAffairs. com).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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