Essays on Consumer behavior Assignment

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1) Ben and Jerry’s mission ment consists of three parts. First part is concerned with social mission. The second part is about product mission and the third part talks about economic mission. The product mission talks about using natural ingredients in Ben and Jerry’s products and showing respect to Earth. This is where the company is talking about the environment and natural resources around them. This part is particularly important as here the company is trying to inculcate the value of serving the environment in their mission statement and making it a core policy for the company.

This will help the organization market its product in a socially responsible manner. The company can market its products in way that shows the end consumers that the company is respecting the environment and is living up to its claim of serving the mother Earth. The consumers here would be willing to pay extra price for Ben and Jerry’s products as they know that the company is trying to improve the quality of the environment and hence it is incurring extra cost in manufacturing, packaging and marketing the product.

Hence, they would be willing to spend extra bucks on buying Ben and Jerry’s products. This would mean higher profits for the company and company will get endless avenues to build up their marketing campaigns in a way that reflect the true mission and vision of the company and to exhibit to the people that the company is working hard for the good of end consumers. 2) Burton exhibits various pictures and videos of professional snowboarders surfing. This is part of their strategy to motivate people to try this sport.

Similarly, the website also gives various tips about the sport and also provides support to people who want to start this sport. This is in line with the company’s overall aim of attracting people towards the sports and start using its products. This strategy has been used by several other companies as well and Burton is using it to encourage its target audience to take up the sport which would eventually increase their target market and lead to more and more sales. The strategy is successful and that can be said looking at the great performance of the company in the last few fiscal years.

Similarly, the company is also encouraging women towards this sport and has introduced a new section on their web called Burton girls. This is again to encourage people towards the sport. References: This paper does not require any references.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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