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The paper “ Advertising Campaign as a Tool That Companies and Customers Interact with One Another" is a forceful version of a term paper on marketing. The kind of advertising campaign is dictated by the targeted population that a company is up to. In this case, therefore, the type of advertising campaign that was employed to win customer attention is roadshows. It is a case where marketers of the company advertise the product live to the target customers; the campaign is actually enticing customers for the need of the company’ s product. In this type, customers tend to know the line punch that is yet to come.

The reason why this type was selected out of the many is that other types were employed but never yield positive results as expected (Deaton & Muellbauer, 2000). The campaign is only applicable only at the time the marketers are on the road advertising the products. A target population tends to enjoy the show just before the actual brand is introduced to them. The roadshow campaign instills a feeling of internal track in a customer.

Being in contact with the company’ s representatives the customers will be closely connected to the brand (Hawkins, Best & Coney, 2004). It is with roadshows campaign that customers will get to differentiate and have an interest in the brand and afterward, they will get to realize the strengths of the brand and creativity of the brand. Roadshow campaign is all about trust mainly because where a company has cited to visit their flag, customers will get to trust the company, as they will feel that they are being valued by the company. The roadshow is, therefore, a one on one advertisement; those customers who get to come across these representatives in undergoing their day-to-day activities will be attracted to the show.

It was appropriate to employ this advertising campaign mainly because the new brand is expected to reach those customers that are within the town and maybe those that frequently visit the town. The target population is mainly youth and workers who in most of their time are in town. Market groupA market group is a group of potential customers that the new brand of the jewel designed for.

The jewels are mainly won by a female. In the new brand, this was not true mainly because the design at which it was made clearly indicated that it was meant for religious purposes. The campaign targeted the town because there are many churches within this place. In addition, many people are in town and are within the bracket of the target market (Blackwell, Miniard, & Engel, 2006). In the first instance, the campaign was headed to the churches, as it is its main area of concern.

In short, the campaign was actually local and was focused on Christians who are within the Central Business District. Christians are associated with jewels, which bear across at one point; it is through this reason that the campaign introduced them as a target market group for the company. This was the largest group that the company really made the brand for. There was no point to go against the stipulated policies.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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