Essays on Consumer Behaviour and the Various Factors That Tend to Affect It - Porsche Cayenne Case Study

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The paper 'Consumer Behaviour and the Various Factors That Tend to Affect It - Porsche Cayenne " is a good example of a marketing case study. Every time we go to the market or shop or even a supermarket, we become consumers. A consumer is anyone who buys goods and/or services from the manufacturer for the higher end-use (Hebidge, 1981). Consumers tend to consume products and/or services that have been made available in the market. This behaviour of buying is considered to be a process of searching for, selecting, using, purchasing as well as depositing products and services, in the satisfaction of people’ s wants and needs (Pantano, 2011). In this particular paper, we will take a closer look at Consumer Behaviour and the various factors that tend to affect it.

We will also provide a brief overview of the selected product. In focus will be on the external factors and their impact on influencing consumers’ decision-making process. Some of the external factors to be included are social status, culture, and family influence. The relevance of the family life cycle as well as the dynamics of husband-wife decision making when it comes to the selected product will be discussed.

This paper aims at identifying whether the chosen product relates to the affluent or non-affluent consumers, discussing relevant social class categories as well as identifying the possible segmentation strategies for affluent or non-affluent markets. Theories regarding Consumer Behaviour will also be discussed together with their relevance to the subject matter. INTRODUCTION As has been mentioned earlier, consumer behaviour refers to the process by which people select, search for, dispose of, use and purchase products and services, in satisfaction of their wants and needs (Holt, 2002).

Psychological processes are usually incorporated in consumers’ decision-making process when finding ways to solve their needs regarding products and services. There are usually different processes incorporated in the consumer behavior for instance initially trying to find what produces and/or services a consumer would like to consume, selecting only those produces and/or services that promise greater utility and estimating the available finances which the consumer can spend (Solomon, 2003).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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