Essays on Relationship between Personality Factors and Consumer Buying Behavior Literature review

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The paper "Relationship between Personality Factors and Consumer Buying Behavior" is a great example of a Marketing Literature Review. Consumer behavior is the analysis and study of groups and individuals, as well as organizations and the processes all of them, use to secure, make use as well as dispose of the services, products or even experiences in order for them to satisfy their wants (Sarker 2013). There are several internal factors that affect consumer behavior in the process of buying their goods or services they buy for them to satisfy their needs.

These include perception, learning, memory, motivation, emotions as well as personality (Mehmet 2012). Each internal influence affects consumers in different ways depending on what they buy to satisfy their needs (Chowdhury 2007). Different scholars and researchers have analyzed how these factors will affect consumers with the influences they have on the same. This report will analyze the personality factor and its influence on consumer behavior depending on five different writers. Five sources will be analyzed depending on how the writer analyzes personality as an internal influence of consumer behavior. Consumer Behavior: Implications for Marketing Strategy by Pascale Quester, Dell Hawkins and Simone Pettigrew The book was gotten online from https: //books. google. co. ke/books? id=iQgnkgEACAAJ& dq=inauthor: "Simone+Pettigrew"& hl=en& sa=X& ved=0ahUKEwje5e-5jYPRAhUhD.

It was retrieved on 7th December 2016. The reasons that made the book to be chosen include the in-depth description of consumer decision making before making any purchases. It was a coursebook in class. The book was published in the year 2010 meaning it is six years old. The authors are experienced writers on consumer behavior and have written various editions on the topic of consumer behavior. The book targeted students on marketing as well as marketers.

Students will add more knowledge in understanding consumers and how their decision is affected by some internal influences. Personality has been analyzed as one of the internal factors that affect consumer decision making before buying products as well as services (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins 2010). The authors have defined personality as being made up of what makes human beings different from others. Different personality characteristics have been analyzed and the possible choices of purchase traits. Personalities such as sanguine, introverts and others have been shown and how they can affect consumer behavior in making decisions as they buy (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins 2010).

In the process of decision making the authors have taken into consideration the factor of personality as well as the environmental factors that shape individual’ s personality and how this leads to a consequent decision when it comes to buying (Quester, Pettigrew & Hawkins 2010). Influence of personality in buying consumer goods-a comparative study between neo-Freudian theories and trait theory based on the Khulna region by Sandip Sarker. This source of information was found in the International Journal of Business and Economics Research Volume 2 number 3 from page 41-58.

It was retrieved from http: //article. sciencepublishinggroup. com/pdf/10.11648.j. ijber. 20130203.12.pdf on 7th December 2016. It was selected because of the success it has made in meeting the objective of analyzing consumer behavior. It has also analyzed the concept of personality as an internal influence of consumer behavior. The article was published online on 10th June 2013. This means that the article is two and a half years old. The author is a scholar and a researcher in the School of Management and Business Administration, Khulna University and Business Administration Discipline, Khulna University, Khulna-9208, Bangladesh.

He is experienced in the field of marketing hence the content of the article is relevant. The article is meant to help marketers, scholars as well as consumers to understand how personality affects consumer behavior and therefore leading to more satisfaction. The article describes personality as a status of individuals that comes as a result of interaction between the individual and environmental as well as social influences in life (Sarker 2013). It shows that human beings are different from one another with regard to their physical attributes as well as their personality or what describes them in general.

The article has analyzed the different personality theories and how they affect an individual’ s buying choices. It acknowledges there is a close relationship between what individuals buy and their personalities. The author of this article recommends that marketers are supposed to understand the personalities of their customers so as they succeed in their selling process. Lifestyles of individuals are reflected in their personalities which is an internal influence of consumer behavior (Sarker 2013).

The article advocates the use of psychographics which is a method to measure an individual lifestyle by marketers for them to be able to make their consumers happy and satisfied. People who have the same personality or live in the same social class may exhibit some similar traits which marketers are supposed to understand for them to maximize their sales (Sarker 2013). However, the article still acknowledges that an individual usually has many personality traits hence marketers should use other theories together with the personality theory in assessing their customers.

In the development of appeal, they should apply the rational aspects of their brands and other motives consumers hold unconsciously (Chowdhury 2007).


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