Essays on The Role of Satisfaction in Repurchasing Services in the Airline Industry Literature review

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The paper “ The Role of Satisfaction in Repurchasing Services in the Airline Industry” is a comprehensive variant of the literature review on marketing. The airline industry has achieved tremendous growth in the last few decades with the primary focus on promoting customer satisfaction. Achieving customer loyalty is important in the airline industry, but this can only be achieved if the company can achieve customer satisfaction especially when making repurchasing decisions. Competition increase in the airline industry has made customer satisfaction an important concept given the cost associated with the acquisition of new customers.

It is through customer satisfaction that the aviation industry can be able to determine whether it has been able to achieve customer loyalty. Furthermore, airline industry stakeholders consider customer satisfaction as one of the most significant assets for business operations especially due to the competition and the volatility of the airline industry. The existence of substitute services offered by different airline companies thereby makes customer satisfaction vital to the success of the airline industry. Emirates Airlines is one of the most dominant airline companies across the globe and offers various services to customers depending on their financial ability to meet the identified needs.

Emirates Airlines is headquartered in Dubai, and with weekly flights amounting to over 3,600 flights, customer satisfaction is vital to the success of the airline. However, Emirates Arline markets its products on various platforms and by sponsoring various events such as Rugby, Football, and infrastructures among others which has given the airline a better positioning in the market. However, engaging in these activities has propelled the airline to succeed in the market, and this has also enabled the company to achieve success in the market.

Repurchase intentions in the airline industry are determined by the level of customer satisfaction. Therefore, this study will evaluate the role the satisfaction plays in determining the repurchasing decisions of various services availed by the Emirates Airline.


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