Essays on External Factors Influencing Consumer Decision-Making Process for Coke Consumers Case Study

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The paper 'External Factors Influencing Consumer Decision-Making Process for Coke Consumers" is a good example of a management case study. Consumer behavior is a concept that has become essential in the market over recent years due to the ability of marketers to analyze buying behavior. Different scholars argue about the contribution of consumer behavior analysis in the process of marketing. The purpose of marketing in commercial organizations is to maximize profits. Understanding the motives behind the behaviors of buyers of products aids producers in making their products, market-oriented to maximize profits.

In addition, if businesses fail to understand the buying behavior of consumers, then they face a difficult time and potential losses. Studies indicate that consumer purchasing behaviour is influenced by factors emanating from the external environment, which may be outside of their control. These factors are extremely vital for marketers because they have an indirect impact on the consumption choices made by consumers. There are numerous external that influence buyers purchasing behavior, including an individual household structure, reference groups, culture and subculture (Kumar, 2012). In the face of globalization, consumers are being faced with an array of product selection.

It has, therefore, become imperative for organizations and marketers to understand the internal and external factors that influence purchasing decisions made by consumers. These factors work together to influence buyer buying-behavior and are key to the success of any organization (Kumar, 2012). Today’ s organizations operate in a complex environment that is characterized by high uncertainty and dynamism. Organizational leaders should, therefore, make strategic decisions that achieve the advantages for the organization through its configuration of resources within a changing environment to fulfill stakeholder’ s expectations.

Thus, the role of buyer behaviour analysis cannot be downplayed, given the need to align the organization with the changing environment. The Coca Cola Company has continued to perform uniquely over its competitors. The company has achieved its marketing objectives, namely; profit maximization, market share leadership, and product quality leadership in the face of heavy competition. To keep its plan going in this case, the company has differentiated itself in the market.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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