Essays on Trends in Consumer Behaviour - Compaq Presario Assignment

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The paper "Trends in Consumer Behaviour - Compaq Presario " is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. In any market, there is the belief that the customers require a certain product because of some factors that tend to fulfil a certain aim. Thus, in the case of Compaq Presario evident consumer behaviour trends are the demographics, value and social. The demographic trend is seen when a specific age set tends to purchase more of the laptops to satisfies peer pressure and be seen within that given environment. Many consumers purchase a product because of the benefits and accomplishments that the product will offer.

The value of the Compaq Presario and the many benefits that the product offers improves its value. Socially, people purchase a product because it suits their requirements or is within their social class. Thus, because of the many technological benefits and value of money that the Compaq Presario offers makes many people tend to own the product. The environment plays an important role in the way that the consumers learn about products that are within their markets and especially in the case of the Compaq Presario.

Information from friends, online, stores and advertisements play an important role in ensuring that they (customers) learn about Compaq Presario, which is in their disposition. This information then becomes the foundation that they will use to understand available laptops better and thus becomes the cornerstone of deciding which product is better, thus giving Presario a better standing. How would you segment the product market? Develop a Rich Market Profile for your product/service Understanding the market environment is a paramount goal in ensuring that the appropriate product is the development and positioned in an environment that will yield the maximum benefits.

This was the foundation that was incorporated into the development of Presario. The marketer defines the type of market that the Presario should be placed on after carrying out research on the market environment. Thus, the Compaq Presario market will be segmented in terms of demographics and behaviour segments.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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