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The paper "Consumer Behaviour for Marketing" is an excellent example of an essay on marketing. Consumer behavior is a term used to describe the behavior exhibited by consumers in the searching for, evaluating, purchasing, using and disposing of services and products that have the capability of satisfying their needs. Basing on the fact that consumers are different, it is vital for marketers to understand the factors that influence consumer behavior, in order to formulate effective marketing decisions that can influence consumers. This particular paper seeks to highlight how social factors, personal factors, and psychological factors, influence consumer behavior.

Furthermore, the paper will highlight ways in which marketers can utilize this particular knowledge in influencing consumers. Social factors Human beings can be described as social animals that are greatly influenced by the external environment or society. As a result, in many cases, consumers are usually attracted to the preference of other people existing around them such as family, reference groups, social status and roles, and opinion leaders. When evaluating how family influences consumer behavior several aspects are to be considered. Solomon (2003) highlights that family members are actually the most influential primary reference group that facilitates the shaping of consumer behavior.

Two categories of families can be identified which include the procreation family and the orientation family. The procreation family consists of one's children and spouses. For example, the husband and wife's involvement greatly influences the product purchased by a family and the buying roles of each spouse. For instance; in our society traditionally the wife was termed as the chief buyer of grocery, clothing, and sundries. The husband, on the other hand, had greater say in purchasing products such as automobiles, life insurance, and TV.

However, with the increase in the number of working wives, the husbands are doing more of family shopping. The orientation family, on the other hand, constitutes of the parents and how a person attains orientation from parents through aspects such as religion, self-worth, and love which further influence the behavior of a consumer unconsciously. For instance, if one is born in a Muslim family they would not purchase foodstuff made of pock, due to religious regulations. Another social aspect is the reference groups, which can be described as the people that an individual interacts with outside the family cycle.

Reference groups influence consumer behavior in terms of influencing an individual's self-concept and attitude since he/ she has the desire to ‘ fit in’ . In addition reference groups also expose an individual to a new lifestyle and behavior. Reference groups may also influence pressure to conformity which may further influence the person's actual brand choice and products.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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